Farrow Hat with versatile brim (Double Knit)

Multi-color hat can be worn with rolled brim, full open brim like a derby, or front brim.  The top fits snugly around the top of the head.  Very warm for cold winter outdoor fun!



LOOM: ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom with 60 Peg Looms Toppers.

YARN:  Sample knit with Malabrigo Mecha Chunky, 100% superwash wool.  Approximately 50 yds of each color needed- 3 colors: Lluvias Blue (B), Volcan gold/brown (V), Plomo Gray (G), with 10 yds of white chunky roving for accent.

NOTIONS:  Knit hook, crochet hook, scissors, darning needle

STITCHES:  Stockinette, Ribbing, b/b weave

SIZE:  Large adult (23-25” head circumference)





Cast On with G yarn in stockinette stitch.  Lay anchor yarn of any #5 yarn.

Round 1-2: Stockinette.

Tie on V yarn to first back peg at peg 1 to begin vertical stripes.

Next 10 rounds: Weave the G yarn on every other peg until you get to beginning arrow.  Lay the G yarn down and continue wrapping the empty pegs with the V yarn.

This will create the 2 colors on every other peg, so you will have the stripes running vertically.  Be sure that the yarn colors always fall on the same color for each peg. Cut both yarns with 2-3″ tails.

Add a loop knot of white yarn.  Tie to the yarn tails. Work one rnd of the white yarn in stockinette. Hook over.  Cut and tie. Add B yarn.

Next 8 rounds: Rib stitch with B yarn. Begin on peg 1. Cut and tie B yarn.

Next round: Change to white yarn, work stockinette stitch. Cut and tie.

Next 12 rounds:  Add V yarn at peg 1, work stockinette stitch. Cut and tie.

Next round: Add white yarn, work stockinette stitch.  Cut and tie.

Add the G yarn for top of hat.

Next 5 rounds: With G yarn, stockinette stitch.


Decrease row:  Starting at peg 1, both looms, lift loop over to next peg, peg 2, on right, leaving a peg empty. Count 4 pegs to right, starting with peg with double loops.  Lift next loop and move it to right creating another empty peg.  Then count over to right, 4 pegs starting with peg with double loops, and pick up next loop.  Place it on next peg to right; and continue this shift around the loom.  If it seems easier, you can do this on inner loom and then the outer loom as long as the empty pegs are same stitch, and the same amount of pegs are between the double loops.

Now, you should have 12 less pegs with yarn on them, on each loom.

Work all pegs with yarn in b/b weave.  This means to wrap each stitch front to back, going straight across.  Work all pegs in this manner, skipping the empty pegs.  Hook over all stitches; pick up both loops on the pegs with the extra loop.

Work this process for one additional rnd.  All pegs will have just 2 loops.  Hook over.  Cut yarn leaving approximately 18” of yarn tail attached.

Move the back loops from inner loom to outer loom, being sure to match the pegs of each stitch.

Work the pegs so that you have only one loop on each of the 48 pegs being used.  They should be in groups of 4 pegs.

In each set of 4 loops, move loop 1 onto peg 2.  Move loop 4 onto peg 3.  You now have 2 pegs with 2 loops in each set.

Work the pegs so that you have only one loop on the 2 pegs.  Add the darning needle to your yarn tail.

Carefully, go around the loom picking up all the loops on the pegs.  Lift the hat from the loom.  Go around the loops again with the sewing yarn so that you have a very strong base to use to draw the hat closed.  You are now ready to finish the top of hat.

Slowly draw the yarn snug to close in the top of hat.  Take darning needle into inside of hat to do reinforcement stitches to complete the closure.  Trim any yarn tails and weave into the knit.


Using crochet hook, insert into first stitch on anchor yarn at any starting point.  Add the V yarn onto hook.  Pull thru loop on hook, and pick up next loop on anchor yarn.  You are creating a crochet chain on all the stitches being careful to pick up each strand separately.  Continue around the brim until you meet the beginning of the crochet.  Connect the first loop to the last so that you have a nice continuous edge.  Pull both ends of V yarn to inside of hat, tie and weave into knit.  Carefully cut the anchor at several points and remove all.  Weave in any yarn tails from the color joints.

You may want to block the hat lightly to desired shape for the brim.

You may want to wear it with front brim turned up with a pretty decorative stick pin, or add a button to keep the brim in place.  However you choose to wear the brim of your hat, it is classy and warm, and fun to wear!