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Sep 12, 2019

Cranberry Brim Beanie

LOOM: KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom 

YARN: Bernat Pop Yarn, 1 skein in color ‘Lipstick on your Collar’, 3 colors used from skein. 100% acrylic.

 STITCHES: Stockinette, Chunky Open Rib

 NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook, darning needle

 SIZE: Hat fits 22-24” adult head

 GAUGE: 3 sts X 5 rnds=1 inch



Divide the yarn into color sections. For this hat use only the red, light gray and dark gray.

With red yarn, cast on 52 pegs in Stockinette.

Rounds 1-12: Chunky Open Rib Stitch. See tutorial for step by step instructions.

Cut the red yarn and tie on the dark gray.

Next 5 rounds: Stockinette stitch with dark gray yarn

Next 8 rounds: Cut dark gray and tie on the light gray yarn. Stockinette stitch

Next 6 rounds: Cut light gray and tie on dark gray yarn. Stockinette stitch

Next 8 rounds:  Cut dark gray and tie on light gray yarn. Stockinette stitch

Next 6 or 7 rounds: Cut light gray and tie on dark gray yarn. Stockinette stitch

Should measure approx. 9.5” from cast on edge.  Cut yarn with 12″ remaining.

Move inner loops to outer pegs.  Use darning needle with  yarn tail to pick up all loops from outer loom.

Gently gather top of hat. Tie and knot to inside of hat. Weave in yarn tails.

Bind Off stitches at brim and remove the anchor yarn.


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Mar 1, 2019

Cable Stitch & Headband (double knit in the round)

Learn the Mock CABLE Stitch!

New stitch for the Rotating Double Knit Loom!










Working double knit ‘in the round’ is worked slightly different than double knit on a straight loom. The straight loom is worked to one end, and then back. In the round, the loom is worked in one direction around the loom.


The weight of the yarn and the stitch will determine the size from 20-22”.  Works great with #4 or #5 yarn. Sample knit with Red Heart Soft, Seafoam.

Rnd(s)=round(s)      st(sts)=stitch(es)

NOTES: Each cable design is 4 stitches wide.  Space between each design is 4 or 5 sts.  For headband (in photo) total 16 rounds.

Mark each set of design pegs with markers or yarn on outer loom.  Gold yarn marks the 4 peg cable stitches.

Work the cable design on the 4 stitch sections only.  After twisting the loops, wrap all pegs with stockinette stitch and hook over.

Cast on in stockinette stitch.

Rnd 1: Stockinette stitch

Rnd 2: Twist loop 1 & 2 ( place loop from cable peg 1 onto cable peg 2.  Place loop from cable peg 2 onto peg 1) and Twist loop 3 & 4 (place loop from cable peg 3 onto peg 4 and, then and place cable peg 4 onto peg 3, see photo).  Push loops down and then wrap in stockinette and hook over.


Rnd 3: Stockinette all pegs

Rnd 4: Twist cable peg 2 & 3, (place loop from peg 3 onto peg 2, and loop from peg 2 onto cable peg 3).  Wrap in stockinette and hook over.









Rnd 5: Stockinette all.

Repeat all rnds (2-5) 3 additional times. For headband above, knit a total of 16 rnds. Bind Off with basic bind off with crochet hook at loom, and at anchor yarn. Remove the anchor yarn and weave in all yarn tails.

See links for additional info and stitches:

Rib Stitch (dk in the round)  Alternate Rib Stitch (dk in the round)  Open Rib Stitch (dk in the round)



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Dec 20, 2018

Introducing…Loom Holder Connectors!

Now any loom can rotate on an elevated base!

The Loom Holder Connectors convert the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom base into a Universal Loom Holder.

Kit includes: (3) loom holder connectors and (6) fabric bands (3 smaller bands are attached to the holders.  To attach wider looms, replace the small bands with the larger ones.)



How it works…

The loom holder consists of a leg connector, and a ‘tray’. Each holder connector snaps onto a leg of the rotating base.  The ‘tray’ or, top part of the connector,  holds the loom. The trays rotate around to adjust to each loom.  This allows the holders to work with various loom sizes.  The connectors are very strong and sturdy.





To begin set up, simply evaluate your loom size, and insert the 3 legs into the rotating base using either the outer, or the inner openings on base. If you are setting up a large round loom, the outer leg locations work best, and smaller looms use the inner leg locations.








Rotate the trays to best position to fit your particular loom. Now take your loom and set on top of the 3 trays. Turn and adjust the trays so that they are balanced with the rotating base. Once loom is placed comfortably on trays, simply wrap the fabric bands around loom and secure to bottom of tray.  The bands will hook over one of the knobs, located on bottom of the tray. You can use your fingers or knit hook to attach bands.







If you are working with a larger loom with wider base, for example, the afghan loom, remove the small fabric bands and replace with the larger fabric bands that come in the kit.









The connectors work to hold many loom shapes and sizes.








  • WOW! This is just wonderful news. Thank you to the folks at Knitting Board!

  • OMG!!! I had asked you if you could make a rotating loom with 36pegs, and if not, could you make something rotating to hold looms. You answered back by saying to watch for something new at the end of the year… And you did it. Actually you made 2 new items, but you made the rotating loom bigger, not smaller. But, unfortunately, I cant purchase both items because they are a little to pricy. I will not use the original loom that comes with the rotating base, so it would be a waste to purchase it. All in all, it is a terrific new concept.

  • Can the looms that are made for the rotating loom, be put on this one? I Have the orginal and just bought the new one Without the base). Was wondering if it can be put on this so that I can have 2 projects going at the same time.

  • This sounds great, what is the price of the Loom Holder connectors.? I already have the rotating double knit loom……..Jettie

  • I think that is awesome

  • I like it! I have enjoyed all the looms I have purchased over the years. This is the best idea so far. As soon as Christmas is over, I’m purchasing this!

  • Wow this is awesome. Looks like it will come in handy for all KB loooms

  • Brilliant! This will help me continue to work a a blanket using the S KB loom?

  • I have made a similar set up with some blocks on my KB rotating loom so I could use my KB orange loom, and it worked, but I seriously love what your team came up with, and would love to give these a try? Thanks to your team for always coming up with great ideas?

  • Where is the add to cart? Can’t find the option to buy….

  • This is an awesome idea! When will it be available?

  • Interesting

  • Hi
    Can I use the rotating connectors on a loops and thread s loom ?

  • Is there a round loom I can make a hat with Chunky wool.(6). Also
    is the small loom on the Rotating Loom the hat size for a baby?

    Thank you kindly


  • Do you have a bigger floor version?
    I have a set of the table top connectors.

  • Will you be selling the loom holder and connectors separately? I do not need anymore looms, but I would really love to have the holder and connectors and would purchase them immediately if they became available. Buying more looms would just be a waste of money for me as I have all I need or want. Just the holder and connectors would be wonderful.

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