Suggested Number of Pegs for a Hat

AllnOneHat smallerAll-n-One Knitting Loom Hat Numbers–NUMBERS SUGGESTED ARE FOR THE TRUE KNIT STITCH, not the EWRAP! 

The table provided has 3 different numbers, one for DK weight yarn and the other two with worsted weight yarn. I have gotten two different gauges with the worsted weight yarn. I have gotten 4.5 and 4 stitches to the inch. I provided a table with both gauges. All the hat numbers have a 15% negative ease already built in. For example, the adult male hat, with 84 pegs at a gauge of 4.5 stitches will yield a tube that is about 18.6 inches. We want a hat to fit snugly, approximately about 10-15%, with a 15% negative ease, this hat will fit a circumference up to 21.4 inches. All the peg numbers provided have also been rounded to a multiple of 4, if you do not need a multiple of 4, deduct or add 2 pegs.

Hat shown in the picture on the right is a DK weight hat using 84 pegs.

This table was updated on 7/8/13 to include DK weight numbers and Fingering (Sock weight yarn) numbers. I test knitted on the loom using Fingering Weight yarn and was able to get a nice fabric at a gauge of 7 sts to the inch.

NOTE: the recommended peg numbers are suggested when using the KNIT STITCH, not the ewrap. If you want to do the ewrap stitch, knit a swatch and find out your gauge and then calculate how many pegs to use.
Tip: if you using the ewrap, typically you will go down a size from what the chart indicates. Example: women’s in a knit stitch/flat stitch with worsted weight yarn, it recommends 76. If I am using the ewrap, I would do 68 or even 64 (if the head is in the smaller size)

Suggested Numbers for AIO Hats

6 thoughts on “Suggested Number of Pegs for a Hat

  1. Glad I decided to look up advice about hats on a knitting loom. I always had trouble with gaps between the stitches on the all in one loom when trying to make a hat. I believe my problem was using an e wrap stitich not a true knit. Thanks so much!

  2. I just purchased the double knit loom, and I can not find any information on the size of a hat it will make.
    Why do you not give this information? It looks like it’s small woman’s head, but not a man. It looks like I will have to buy another part to be able to make men’s hat.??.

    Sincerely Phyllis,

  3. Thank you for your suggestion. We will make it a point to add this to the pamphlet. The size of the hat is an “average” size, approx 20-21″, however, this measurement varies according to the stitch pattern used.

  4. You can find a variety of patterns on our website. You can search for the type of loom, and it will give you patterns available for that loom. Until recently, we didn’t have a 1/2″ gauge loom, so the patterns for that gauge of a loom are quite limited.

  5. The All-n-One loom now is of three gauges. Will the chart be enlarged to cover the other gauges? Other stitches? Thank you, Mitch.

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