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Mar 11, 2012

Last Minute Slouchy

It was Tuesday morning and it was my turn to carpool the kids to school. I was running around like crazy that morning and I hadn’t even had a chance to change out of my pajamas. 6 kids were in the car waiting for me and the clock was ticking. I didn’t had a chance to go upstairs and brush my hair and make myself look half-decent, but as I was going out the door, I saw my slouchy hat and put it on. In a second, I went from looking disheveled to presentable and that my friend’s is how the name of the slouchy hat came to be. It is my last minute emergency tool! I love it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Isela Phelps

Loom: All-n-One Loom

Stitches: k, p, e-wrap, k2tog, yo.

Yarn: 130 yards of worsted weight
yarn. Araucania Aysen was used in sample (Less than 1 skein).

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry
needle, and removable stitch marker.

Gauge: 8.5 sts= 2 inches in double ribbing

Size: Fits up to a head circumference of about 21 inches.

Level: Intermediate

Notes: Working clockwise around the knititng loom. The ribbing section is done with the knit Allnone-2stitch, may substitute with the flat stitch or the u-stitch. The rest of the hat is done with the e-wrap stitch. Important: Note that on Round 11, we move the first stitch one place to the left (clockwise) to keep the pattern slanted. We will use the stitch marker to keep track of our new Peg 1 position. We keep moving it after each pattern repeat so each time you do a row 11, you move the stitch marker over to mark the new Peg 1 position.

Knitting Loom Settings: set the knitting loom to 80 pegs (35 on each of the long rails and the two sliders).

k=knit stitch
p=purl stitch
k2tog=knit two stitches together
yo= yarn over (simply e-wrap the peg that needs the yarn over)


Cast on 80 stitches, join to work in the round. Place stitch marker on 1st peg.

Round 1-8: *k2, p2; rep from * to the end of round.

Round 9: *yo, k2tog; rep from * to the end of round.
(How to:  *Move the loop from the first peg over to the second peg, first peg is empty, second peg has 2 loops on it. E-wrap the first peg thus creating the YO. Then ewrap the second peg, lift the bottommost two loops off the peg. Repeat from * to the end of round)

Round 10 and 12: Knit with the e-wrap method.

Round 11:  Move stitch marker one peg to the left (peg 2). This peg (peg 2) becomes Peg 1.  *yo, k2tog; rep from * to the end of round. (How to: see Row 9 on the break down).

Round 12: Knit with the e-wrap method.

Repeat Rounds 9-12: until item measures 9 inches from cast on edge.

Bind off with gather removal method.

Steam block to open the lace, be careful not to steam the ribbing portion as this will loosen the stitches.

Last Minute Slouchy Hat
Wanna do it but are worried about not being able to crank it out, no worries! Check back next week for a how to video :)! I got ya covered! In the meantime, go order your loom and your yarn and we’ll see ya next week.

Happy looming!



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  • I’m really new to this craft, but love all the choices it gives me. I am going to order this loom to try it out!!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous creativity.

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Jun 15, 2009

Join us for a Loom A Long!

We are having a Loom A Long hosted by Kelly Jones with her fun Butterfly intarsia design.  Join Kelly on Wednesday, June 17 as she works with all knitters to create this intarsia Butterfly design. This Wednesday Kelly will be available with lots of helpful hints at knittingboards yahoo group. Just post your questions for Kelly. The pattern is also in the “files” folder at the yahoo group. Here’s the link: 

Butterfly Intarsia Block



This butterfly intarsia pattern can be used for a number of different things.  You can use it as a wall hanging, afghan block or make a back and sew it together for a pillow.  You could even adjust the main color rows to make placemats, or use cotton yarn for a dishcloth or pot holder, or use wool and felt it for a bag front.

I really hope you enjoy knitting this up!  Intarsia designs are a great use of “extra” yarn.


Supplies: 18”or 28” small gauge Authentic Knitting Board using 36 pegs, spacers set at ½”.

Yarn: One skein (approximately 400 yards) #3 or #4 weight yarn, single stranded for background color.  Small balls of yarn are all you need for the contrasting colors, use double strands for all contrast colors to make it a little fuller. 

Stitch: Stockinette cast-on and stitch used throughout. 

Finished Size: approximately 10” x 10”

Cast on using main color in stockinette stitch 36 pegs, count cast on row as first row of pattern.  Lay anchor yarn. 

Row 2-5: stockinette stitch in main color.

Row 6: start with contrast color (double stranded) and place slip knot on peg 17 (top or bottom of board doesn’t matter) work to peg 19 in stockinette stitch.  Skip over to peg 25 and continue to 27 in stockinette, turn and work back over remaining contrast color pegs.   You’ll place the working yarn across the top of the main color.  If you ended with the working yarn on the top of peg 19 you start peg 25 at the bottom of the board (it’ll form an “x” over the main color – see photo).  Make sure you leave the yarn a little loose in the “x”, or it will pull the design to the middle on the finished project.  Knit off.  Lay contrast color 1 down after knitting off and pick up main color.  Knit in stockinette stitch skipping over the contrast color one pegs.

 Repeat pattern from chart.  Make sure you start each row with contrast colors and knit those off before going to the main color.


When you finish with a contrasting color cut the yarn leaving a 2”-3” tail and lay it across the center, you can tuck some of it under the “x” from the main color to hold it in place. When you finish with contrast color 1 in row 16, cut and “lay-in” tail.  Restart color with a slip knot on row 19, peg 9.  Make sure slip knot is snug. Continue with pattern from chart.

Bind off and tuck in all tails!



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