Cable Stitch & Headband (double knit in the round)

Learn the Mock CABLE Stitch!

New stitch for the Rotating Double Knit Loom!










Working double knit ‘in the round’ is worked slightly different than double knit on a straight loom. The straight loom is worked to one end, and then back. In the round, the loom is worked in one direction around the loom.


The weight of the yarn and the stitch will determine the size from 20-22”.  Works great with #4 or #5 yarn. Sample knit with Red Heart Soft, Seafoam.

Rnd(s)=round(s)      st(sts)=stitch(es)

NOTES: Each cable design is 4 stitches wide.  Space between each design is 4 or 5 sts.  For headband (in photo) total 16 rounds.

Mark each set of design pegs with markers or yarn on outer loom.  Gold yarn marks the 4 peg cable stitches.

Work the cable design on the 4 stitch sections only.  After twisting the loops, wrap all pegs with stockinette stitch and hook over.

Cast on in stockinette stitch.

Rnd 1: Stockinette stitch

Rnd 2: Twist loop 1 & 2 ( place loop from cable peg 1 onto cable peg 2.  Place loop from cable peg 2 onto peg 1) and Twist loop 3 & 4 (place loop from cable peg 3 onto peg 4 and, then and place cable peg 4 onto peg 3, see photo).  Push loops down and then wrap in stockinette and hook over.


Rnd 3: Stockinette all pegs

Rnd 4: Twist cable peg 2 & 3, (place loop from peg 3 onto peg 2, and loop from peg 2 onto cable peg 3).  Wrap in stockinette and hook over.









Rnd 5: Stockinette all.

Repeat all rnds (2-5) 3 additional times. For headband above, knit a total of 16 rnds. Bind Off with basic bind off with crochet hook at loom, and at anchor yarn. Remove the anchor yarn and weave in all yarn tails.

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