Chickie Baby Sweater

If you have a little one to take out into the cold, you’ll love this adorable sweater with ‘Chickie’ design.

LOOM:  All-n-One Loom or 28″ Loom + extenders, 34 double stitches with 2cm spacing

STITCHES:  Stockinette, Crisscross, and Rib

YARN:  Super soft Baby Grande Alpaca  by Plymouth Yarns, 110 yds per skein.  #5 Bulky, Maroon (M) = 3 balls, Soft Green (G)=1 ball

NOTIONS:  Knitting tool, tapestry needle, crochet hook

SIZES:  Toddler size:  small (medium) Measurements are taken with sweater lying flat. All measurements are approximate.

Toddler Size, Small (Medium): Chest at underarm: 11”  (13”) Hemline at hip: 10”  (12”)  Length neck to hem  11”  (11”) Sleeve to wrist: 5” (6”)

GAUGE:  5 stitches X 6 rows=2 inches

Design of Sweater: Sleeves are raglan for comfort, front open neckline with drawstring.

This little sweater is easy to adjust since it is all knit in stockinette for the body and crisscross stitch for the hem and cuffs, and rib for the neckline.



Sweater Front

Cast On 30 (34) stitches in (G) color yarn.  Lay anchor yarn.

Rows 1-4: Crisscross stitch. This border could also be done in rib stitch.

Cut the yarn with 3” tail.

Tie on main color (M).  Lay tails across stitches between rows of pegs.

Rows 5-8 (5-10):  Stockinette

Rows 9-21 (11-23):  Chickie design (12 rows)

Look at each row in chart starting with number 1 at bottom.  Your center of garment is peg #15 (16).  Tie in your accent (G) color on stitch # 14 between the rows of pegs.  Wrap peg number 12 (13) from front to back, drag the yarn over to peg # 18 (19) and wrap front to back.  Lay the accent yarn aside where you end with it.  Now start the row by weaving the stockinette stitch with main color, only skipping the pegs covered with the accent yarn.  This is how you will do each of the design rows following the scale.

Rows 22-27 (24-29): Stockinette

Neckline and sleeve shaping:

Mark the center of knitting with piece of yarn or pin.

The arm shaping will start now.

You will also start the neckline at center of sweater front.

Arm shaping:

*Row 1:  Decrease (1) stitch each end of board.  Work row.

*Row 2:  Knit one regular row.

Do these 2 *rows a total of 6 (7) times.

At neckline, twist the (4) center stitches.  (2) loops to right of center will be lifted and placed on the (2) pegs to left side of center.  The (2) loops to left of center will be lifted and placed on the (2) pegs to right side of center.  This will make the center very strong and a nice accent.

Work the 2 sides of front in 2 separate pieces.

Tie on another skein of yarn to the right side knitting at twisted stitches.

Work each side separately while doing the decrease for the sleeve shaping.

When you have completed the decrease rows ending with a regular row, you are ready to do the shoulders.

Shoulders: Bind Off 2 (3) stitches at beginning of left side, and same on end of right side. The remaining stitches are the neckline.


Rows 1-4:  Rib stitch for each side of front.

Bind Off loosely.  Pick up 2 loops, pull (1) thru (1).  Pick up (1) additional loop, always alternating the boards.  Do this to both sides of front of sweater.  Bind Off loosely at anchor yarn for hemline of sweater front.


Back of Sweater:

Repeat all steps as front of sweater, only leave out the design and do not separate the neckline.  Skip the neckline section, and the design section.  Work directly to shoulders, after doing the arm shaping.


Sleeve:  (knit 2)

Cast on 18 (22) stitches with accent color.  Lay anchor yarn.

Rows 1-4:  Crisscross Stitch or Rib stitch to match the sweater front and back.

Tie on main color (M).

*Row 1:  Increase (1) stitch each end.  Work row in stockinette stitch.

*Row 2:  Knit (1) row in stockinette.

Repeat these (2)* rows for 3 (4) additional times.

Arm shaping:

Decrease (1) stitch each end of loom every row until (2) stitches remain.

Bind Off.  Bind Off loosely at cuff.

Tie String:

With main color yarn and crochet hook, crochet a chain approximately 28” (30”) long.  Knot at both ends several times to form a small ball that conceals the tails of yarn.

Sewing the pieces together:

Sew the side seams of sweater front and sweater back with invisible stitch.

Sew the shoulders and neckline with invisible stitch.

Sew each sleeve from cuff to arm shaping.  Place each sleeve in sleeve openings, matching the underarm seams, and the center of sleeve to shoulder seam.  Secure these two areas with a strand of yarn.  Be sure you place the sleeve seam at underarm.

Work in the front of sweater with front of sleeve by sewing with invisible stitch.

Work in the back of sweater with back of sleeve by sewing with invisible stitch.  Make extra stitches at underarm and shoulder to secure for active little toddlers.

Front finishing:

Use your crochet hook to weave the braided piece for a shoelace up the front opening.  The center of the braid should be placed behind the twisted stitches.  Lace the braid from side to side ending with ends at top of each side of opening.

Tuck in any yarn tails with crochet hook.