Patterns to keep you warm

I can’t believe Summer is gone and Winter is fast approaching. I live in Boston but I should live somewhere much warmer like North Carolina. I can’t seem to deal with really cold weather. It chills me to the bone and it gets soooooo cold up here in the winter.

But one good thing about it, I do get to wear my cozy sweaters. My favorite  is the  goncho sweater. It is so cozy and oversized. I wear it in the house and it is the only  thing that keeps me really shawl.jpg

For all the new knitting board knitters, here are  a couple very SIMPLE FREE PATTERNS and they will help keep you warm this winter. This luxurious blue shawl  with tassels  is knit with a ribbing stitch throughout.

With the 28″ knitting board, you start your casting on using all the pins, 84 needles on each side and then just keep knitting until length desired.

Simple BASIC SLIPPERS are made in a few hours!  Great starter pattern too.


One thought on “Patterns to keep you warm

  1. Love the Basic Vest and the Goncho Sweater is uber cool… I am an avid crocheter… I recently purchased a 10″ knitting loom and currently working on a scarf… I am hoping to incorporate knitting pieces into my crochet designs… Once I get the hang of the 10″ loom, I am looking forward to purchasing a 28″ loom and purchasing your pattern for the Basic Vest.

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