Mini-Series on Increases:

In the next couple of weeks, we are going to learn some new increases and how to create them on our knitting looms. We will be tackling the following: YO, M1, M1L, M1R, LLI, RLI, K1F&B, P1F&B, KRB.

Inc: Increase–what is it? It is a way to add stitches to your knitting either on a row or in the round. While adding stitches on a row in simple, adding stitches in the round is a little bit more tricky for us loom knitters are most of our looms have a set peg number and we cannot “add” pegs to our loom. However, with our AllnOne loom, we can add in the round! Yay for us!

Swing by later this week and we will go over a YO and how to create it on our loom.


4 thoughts on “Mini-Series on Increases:

  1. So looking forward to this–I try to ignore patterns that make be do anything other than the basics so will enjoy learning more about increasing.

  2. It’s great you are sharing and increasing our knowledge base. Just a suggestion, it would be most helpful if the mini series were compiled in one place for easy and permanent reference.
    Thank you for making me a better loomer.

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