Contest to name our RUG YARN!

rugyarnsample.JPGWe are looking for a name for our new bulky rug yarn. And we thought it would be kind of fun to make a contest out of it.The yarn is mohair/wool and will be offered in beautiful fall colors.

If we choose your name idea, you will recieve 2 SKEINS OF THE NEW YARN, your choice of color.

Please put your name ideas in  “Comments”

It will be so interesting to see what you come up with. Good luck!

Thank you, Kim

43 thoughts on “Contest to name our RUG YARN!

  1. Here are a few names that come to mind:
    Cloud Walker
    Pillow Plush
    Magic Carpet
    Nature’s Paintbrush

  2. These are my ideas:
    Wooly Bully
    Autumn’s Blessings
    Autumn Kisses

  3. Here’s a few ideas:

    Whisper Step(s)
    Toasty Toes
    Harvest Time

    If anymore come to mind, I’ll post them later.

  4. I need a rug at my kitchen sink and since I hate doing the dishes, at least the rug, with this yarn, would make it much nicer.

    How about:

    Happy Feet?!

    Now, if I can only get someone to do my dishes for me!

  5. Off the top of my head – how about…
    Seasons (since you mentioned that they are fall colors will there be winter, spring, etc.?)
    If so you could expand on the Seasons thought:
    Or you could just name it – Kb

  6. Boy, I like all those names that everyone has been suggesting. Your going to have a hard time picking out of those for sure.

    Here are some more to add to the group too. Heart Land Yarns ( I hope I am right and you guys are in the heart land if not then I’ll have to try again..) You know tho, Heart land yarns might sound alittle too much like that other yarn that’s out… So, maybe I’ll have to go back and rethink that one.

    I also like Cabin yarns (I think warm and in front of a fireplace.)
    I can’t believe it’s not butter!
    Chesapeake Bay
    Old Dominion
    Blue Ridge
    colony yarns
    “Sic Semper Tyrannis” or Thus always to tyrants
    Confederate State yarn
    Stonewall (but that kind of sounds harsh.) I still like it.
    Devon or Patricia (tribes of Indian’s that lived in Virgina. I had to look back and see where you guys lived at.)
    Jillyanne (also used to be Virginia House of Burgesses.)

    but I have to be honest I think the one that Faith said ” Simple Pleasures ” might be my farvorite (if there isn’t a yarn called that I really do like that one.)

    Oh, I also like “American Revolution Yarn” because it’s a NEW American made yarn for rugs that we can use for looms.

    Whatever you pick I sure can’t wait to use it.


    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

  7. I bought a saddle seat cover made of Mohair once and I think of it as a “Guilty Pleasures” or maybe “Not so guilty” depending on how you look at it..

    Some other nice names might be
    “Replenishing steps”

  8. i left a post the other day and it has disappeared!!!!!! lol
    yarn=warm and soft
    rug reminds me of welcome
    how about ” warm welcome”

  9. Wow–these are great names–I can’t wait to see what you choose. Here’s some more:

    Welcome Home(though, I like Cindy’s “Warm Welcome”, better.)

  10. I just read all the wonderful suggested names that have been submitted and as I was reading them the vision of a pioneer woman sitting in a corner of a cabin at a loom popped into my mind.
    “Hearthside Corner” just followed. Images just develop from one idea to the next…..
    “Hearthside Warmth”,
    “Spun Comfort”,
    “Warm Comfort”

  11. Okay–so I can’t quit–

    Homecoming–that wonderful feeling when you walk into a home filled with family and friends, and a loom knit rug, of course:)

    A note about the name, “Simple Pleasures”, that I posted above. I was telling my Dh that the name reminded me of the simple yet wonderful things in life, like sitting in front of the wood burning stove with a cup of hot chocolate and a beautifully wonderful soft rug at your feet. You know, those small things that bring joy to your life.

    I can’t wait to see what you pick. There are so many great ideas here, and it has been a lot of fun to think up names.

  12. Really, I am running out of ideas, but this one came to me as I was reading a book about the Civil War.

    Shenandoah–this brings to mind the beauty and luxuriousness(did I spell that right? Is that even a word?),yet ruggedness, of the Shenandoah Valley right there in your home state of Virginia.

  13. All gave such wonderful names. I could only think of one – “Anticipation” since that’s what we’re all eagerly doing.

  14. Don’t know if you’ve choosen yet but this one popped in my head today:

    Warmth–makes you think of yarn that is toasty, warm, and soft–the perfect yarn to walk over with bare feet.

  15. I am so looking forward to the ability to make rugs that are durable and functional. I have been meaning to knit them for our home, but the thought of all that work and creating something that will not stand the test of time delayed my efforts. I will be on of the first to snatch a board and the rug yarn, no matter what you call it! Here are my thoughts for a possible name:
    Under Foot
    Lying Around
    Rug Be Mine
    Magic Carpet
    Aladdin’s Magic Carpet
    Sweep Me Off My Feet
    Sweep Me On My Feet

    OK, back to my own knitting until the yarn is named, available and I can load up!

  16. A couple more possibilities that I think has not been said for a rug yarn name:
    Barefoot in the Park
    Barefoot in the Home

    I just have to keep trying!

  17. Lots of good names. I would like to add mine to the bunch
    Warm and Soft

  18. I posted these above, in the post about the new stitches, but then thought that maybe I should have put them here.

    Home Sweet Home–my daughter’s idea
    Simply Home

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