LAL: Sole & Toe

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I guess, we are all coming along well with the sock. I didn’t receive any questions in respect to the heel, if any of you are stuck, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to help you.

This week, we are going to finish our sock. The Sole is straight stockinette (knit all the rounds) and you do this until the sole measures approximately, 2 inches less than desired length for the foot.

Once we have knitted the sole of the sock, we will repeat the instructions that we did for the HEEL portion one more time to create the extra fabric for the toe section.

Let’s get to that point and then we will continue to the very last portion where we seam the toe close using the KITCHENER STITCH.

6 thoughts on “LAL: Sole & Toe

  1. I finished the second sock today. Hurray! They were really fun to make and fit very well. Thanks for the knit a long.

  2. Hello, I have great hope for assistance with a question and my two new looms (AllnOne and the sock loom). I am having a difficult time understanding the cable-cast-on method, can someone suggest a good resourse for me to use? The pattern book I have suggest using this method lots, but I am having a difficult time following the written info and pictures in the book. Also, can someone please explain “Join to form a round” when working on a loom? Does this mean I do a special stitch between the pegs to connect them? Thank you for help.

  3. I am trying to make ruffle scarf on long loom I am having problem with yarn being too tight when transferring to other side. What should I do differently. Is it the lack of stretch in yarn. I am using red heart sashay.

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