Spa Scrubbies Set (double knit)

Just in time for Mother’s Day….Exfoliant Scrubbies.   Create a gift basket with scrubbies and creams, and other goodies for mom.  They are washable and dry quickly, but retain their scrubbing quality.

Easy and fast to make in your choice of colors.  Included: Rib knit head band, 3 scrubbies, scrubby sponge, and soap pocket scrubby. Add lotions, soap and a warm fragrant candle for relaxing atmosphere.

Loom:  ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom in double knit

Yarn:  Red Heart Scrubby Texture, 100% polyester or cotton,  4 skeins (one red, blue, bright blue, yellow), and one skein of Scrubby Smoothie of Ocean blue, 100% cotton

These 5 skeins will make 10-12 different scrubbies.

Stitches:  Stockinette, and Rib for the head band

Notions Needed:  Knit hook, Crochet hook, Sewing needle

Size:  Assorted

Gauge:  3 sts=1 inch


Each scrubby is a different shape and size, but most instructions will work for them all.

Cast on in stockinette the amount of stitches for size desired. Always leave about 12” of yarn at beginning of cast on so you can finish the edge with it. This is done before the loop knot or first stitch.

When you want a thicker knit, you will do an extra row before hooking over. That way you will have 3 loops on each peg.

Work with this yarn slowly and carefully as one tends to grab onto the other.

The bind off will be different as a stretchy edge is not desired. Use anchor yarn for all scrubbys with smooth yarn, but they will all be removed so contrast color yarn is good.

3 loops for thick Stockinette

Regular stockinette or thick stockinette:  Working in stockinette with full circular is regular stockinette.  When you want a thicker material, just do an additional pass (circular) of all pegs to add a third loop on the pegs.  When hooking over, pick up both bottom 2 loops over each peg.


The bind off is worked so that the edge of the scrubby is not stretchy, but tight.  Move the loops from inner loom to outer loom.  Then work 2 loops together with sewing needle.  Be sure to pull the sewing  yarn under the needle to the right to create a loop.  When this is pulled snug, it will lock in the stitch and then it can be  removed from the loom.  Work the next stitch until the piece is off the loom.  Leave 12” of yarn at last row for sewing the edge.



Regular stockinette or thick stockinette:  Working in stockinette with full circular is regular stockinette.  When you want a thicker material, just do an additional pass (circular) of all pegs to add a third loop on the pegs.  When hooking over, pick up both bottom 2 loops over each peg.


Square Scrubbies

Red square– 7”- 8”

Cast on 24 stitches in Stockinette.  We worked a thicker knit at 2nd row and row 23 to give this larger square some extra ‘scrubby’ power.  Work approximately 24 rows before bind off.  Work more if a larger cloth is desired.

Bold Stripe square– bright blue, yellow, red, Ocean blue, 4 rows of each

Cast on 16 stitches in Stockinette in bright blue.  Work 4 rows in regular stockinette. Cut 3” yarn tail.  Tie on the yellow yarn and lay yarn tails between rows of pegs.

Work 4 rows in regular stockinette.  Cut 3” yarn tail.  Tie on the red yarn and work 4 rows.  Cut. Tie on the Ocean blue yarn and work 4 rows.  Cut leaving 10” for yarn tail.

Bind off by moving inner loops to outer loom and sew with yarn tail.

Blue Stripe with 3 yarns– Ocean Scrubby, Ocean Smooth, and Bright Blue

Cast on 12 stitches in Stockinette in Ocean Smooth.  Work 2 rows in regular Stockinette.

Tie on the bright blue yarn.  There is no need to cut any of the yarns, just pick up the one to use when you are ready for it.  Work two rows.

Work one row of Ocean Smooth.

Add the Ocean Scrubby and work two rows.

Now all 3 yarns are attached, so just use the one for the next row, and allow the others to lay out of knit.

Continue working 2 rows of bright blue, 2 rows of Ocean Smooth, 2 rows of Ocean Scrubby.

End with last 2 rows of Ocean Smooth.  Leave 10” of yarn for sewing the edge.
Finish both edges with yarn tails.

Round Scrubby or sponge– worked entirely with thick stockinette

4” square and drawn up, with pompom added for a handle.  The pompom is made from the scrubby textured and smooth yarn.

Cast on 14 stitches in regular stockinette.  (20 stitches for a larger round scrubby) Work 18 rows in thick stockinette.  Remember this means to weave down loom and return to cover all stitches with 2nd loop.  Then repeat so that all pegs have 3 loops.  Hook over by lifting bottom 2 loops over top of peg so all pegs, again, have one loop.  Repeat the double weave.  When the square is the correct size, cut yarn tail with about 20” so you can gather all 4 sides.  (Hint-for easier gathering, tie on the Ocean smooth yarn for the last row of regular stockinette).  This will give you the smooth yarn to do the gather around the square, but it will not show once the gather is complete).  Use the yarn tail with sewing needle to lift the loops off of loom, work around one side by picking up all the stitches, lift all the loops off anchor yarn, work around 2nd side to beginning.

You can gather all the edges together to create the round scrubby.  Once the stitches and edges are gathered, tie and knot the yarn.  Pull yarn tails into scrubby.

Make pompom by using both the bright blue yarn and the Ocean smooth together.  Tie the pompom tight and cut it to the size desired.  Our sample is about 1” in length.  Tie onto the top of the scrubby to create a handle for using.

Headband is worked using only the Scrubby Smoothie yarn and knit in rib stitch on the full 52 pegs in double knit on the Rotating Double Knit Loom.

Cast on all pegs in double knit in stockinette.

Work 14 rows in Rib stitch.

Do regular bind off with crochet hook.  Pick up one loop from inner loom and then one from outer loom.  Pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  Then pick up next loop on inner loom, pull one thru the other.  Continue by alternating the loops from inner loom to outer loom until you have just one loop on the hook, and pull yarn tail thru loop to knot.   Bind off at anchor yarn.  These edges will be stretchy.

Soap Pocket Scrubby

Cast On 16 stitches in regular stockinette with yellow Scrubby yarn. Leave 14” yarn tail for joining later.

Work one row with thick stockinette.

Work additional 5 rows in regular stockinette.

Tie in red scrubby yarn.  No need to cut the yellow.

Work 2 rows with red yarn in regular stockinette.

Work 12 rows with yellow yarn.

Work 2 rows in red yarn.

Work 8 rows in yellow yarn.

Work 2 rows in red yarn.  Cut and knot the red yarn and lay yarn tail into the knit.

Work 5 rows in yellow yarn in regular stockinette.

Work 1 row in thick stockinette

Work 1 row in regular stockinette.  Cut yarn leaving a 12” yarn tail for bind off.  Once you have completed the bind off of loom and anchor yarn, you are ready to sew the pocket together.

Fold the cast on edge up to the top red stripe, but below red stripe.  Sew the side seams of pocket with yellow yarn tail remaining.  If need to, add a new piece of sewing yarn.  Weave in any yarn tails.

Be creative with your gift as the scrubbies and the creams and candles make for a wonderful experience.  You can give a gift that expresses your creativity as well as some great products.  Your arrangement can be in a basket or ceramic container or whatever you choose.

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