Preemie Loom Knit Hat


Designed by Isela Phelps

Recently, we were contacted by a group who wanted to loom knit preemie hats for a hospital. We realized that we do not have any patterns on our website to fill this need, so we got to work right away and here it is, this size seems to fall right in the middle of the chart. We hope you enjoy the pattern. 

Important guideline when knitting items for babies: cotton is a good option for baby knits, wools may create allergic reactions and/or even asthma. Keep your stitches as tight and small as possible–small enough that little fingers cannot get caught in them. Avoid any sort of extra embellishments–they can fall off and baby can accidentally eat them. Wash all your items with dye-free, deodorant free detergent, do not use a dryer sheet when drying (typically, you will want to lay your items to dry flat to extend the life of the knitwear). After item is dry, check to make sure all the tail ends are still securely woven in. 

Preemies vary in size, some of them have small heads, as big as an apple, others are a little bigger. 

Knitting loom: His and Her Sock Looms, purple sock loom with 64 pegs was used in sample. To make a smaller preemie hat, use the orange sock loom (56 pegs).

Yarn: Approx 70 yds/21g of fingering weight cotton-merino blend. Sample was worked with Viking Bjork Cotton Merino (90% cotton, 10% merino) 50g/164yds in color 520 (pale pink).

Notions: knitting tool

Gauge: 13.5sts x 23= 2 inches in stockinette (with u-stitch).

Size: 9-inch in circumference, 5-inch length. It should fit up to an 11-inch circumference head.


k=knit stitch. May substitute with u-stitch.

p=purl stitch


Cast on 64 sts, join to work in the round. Sample used the ewrap cast on.

Round 1-10: *k2, p2: repeat from * to end of round.

Round 11: k to end of round.

Repeat Round 11: until item measures approximately 4.5 inches from cast on edge (it will grow to 5 inches once you block and set the stitches).

Next 3 rounds: *k2, p2; rep from * to end of round.

Bind off: Cut a piece of yarn that is approximately 16 inches in length, remove all the purl stitches onto this piece of yarn. Cut a second piece of yarn about 16 inches in length, remove all the knit stitches from the loom. Locate the first piece of yarn and cinch the purl stitches close. Locate the second piece of scrap yarn and cinch it all the knit stitches. Tightly weave all tail ends. Block to set the stitches.

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