Luck of the Irish Shamrock

Design by Renita Harvey

The month of March makes everyone desire to be Irish.  St. Patrick’s Day always brings lots of green décor that includes shamrocks everywhere.

Shamrocks are simply 3 leaf clovers and should not to be confused with 4 leaf clovers.

This pattern uses increases, decreases, and short rows to shape each leaf.  While this pattern is worked on an extra fine gauge loom with DK weight yarn, Luck of the Irish Shamrocks may also be made larger by using any loom with the appropriate weight yarn for the gauge of the loom.

LOOM:  Sock Loom EFG

YARN:  18 yds of DK/3 weight 100% cotton yarn, Kid Cotton in Emerald used in sample

NOTIONS:  Loom tool, tapestry needle

GAUGE:  n/a

SIZE:  approx.. 4” wide x 5” tall


 K – Knit

P – Purl

R – Row

K2tog – Knit 2 together

W&T – Wrap & turn – lift stitch off peg, wrap the working yarn around peg from back to front, and place loop back on the peg leaving 2 loops on the peg

M1 – Make 1 – increase by wrapping the peg with e-wrap

CO – Cast on

BO – Bind off

Rep – Repeat

St(s) – Stitch(es)


When working the knit on the same peg after the M1, gently tug the stitch to tighten the e-wrap increase.

Each leaf is worked as one piece and seamed up the middle.  Then all 3 leaves and stem are sewn together.

 Thin floral wire may be inserted in the i-cord stem to hold the shape, if desired.


 Leaf – Make 3

CO 1 stitch by placing the slip stitch on the peg leaving a tail 6” long for assembly.


R1:  K1 – 1 st

R2:  P1, m1 – 2 sts

R3:  K2

R4:  P2, m1 – 3 sts

R5:  K3

R6:  P3, m1 – 4 sts

R7:  K4

R8:  P4, m1 – 5 sts

R9:  K5

R10:  P5, m1 – 6 sts

R11:  K6

R12:  P6

Short rows

Wedge 1

*R13:  K5, w&t

R14:  P5

R15:  K3, w&t

R16:  P3

R17:  K1, w&t

R18:  P1

R19:  K6

R20:  P6*

Wedge 2

R21 – 28:  Rep from * to * once

Wedge 3

R29:  K5, w&t

R30:  P5

R31:  K2tog, K1, w&t

R32:  P2

R33: K2tog, k3

R34:  P4, m1

Wedge 4

R35:  K4, w&t

R36:  P4, m1

R37:  K3, w&t

R38:  P3

R39:  K1, w&t

R40:  P1

R41:  K6

R42:  P6

Wedge 5

R43 – 50:  Rep from * to *

Wedge 6

R51 – 58:  Rep from * to *


R59:  K2tog, k4 – 5 sts

R60:  P5

R61:  K2tog, k3 – 4 sts

R62:  P4

R63:  K2tog, k2 – 3 sts

R64:  P3

R65:  K2tog, k1 – 2 sts

R66:  P2

R67:  K2tog – 1 st

R68:  P1

BO leaving a 6” tail for seaming

Seam with mattress stitch using one of the tails.

Refer to picture at the end of the pattern for more details.


Work a 2 peg i-cord for a length of 3”.

BO leaving a tail 6” long for sewing.

Using a tapestry needle, thread CO tail though the middle of the i-cord.  Gently pull the tail to give the cord a gentle curve.  Secure yarn tail.




Using the tails on the leaves, seam each leaf to the next starting at the bottom point.






Seam edges together 2” from the point.






Sew the end of the i-cord to the bottom middle where the points of the leaves meet.



Weave in ends.




How the leaf looks when first removed from loom.






How leaf looks after gently tugging to set the stitches.





How the leaf looks after seaming the middle closed with the mattress stitch.



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