Woven Ladder Scarf

By Ace Beorchia

LOOM: Zippy Loom (2) and Regular Connector (1)


2 skeins super-bulky yarn-(appx. 160 g). [Sample used Pattons Cobbles in Winter White.]

1 skein jumbo yarn (appx. 60 g). [Sample used Premier Yarns Couture Jazz in Denim.]


SIZE: 5″ W x  desired length. (Sample is 96″ long.)

Expand your loom-knitting toolkit with this Woven Ladder Scarf. Learn a new and simple technique that will give your projects a distinct look with minimal effort. You’ll be sure to turn some heads with this crafty accessory.


K= knit  sts=stitches



Set up a loom with 2 Zippy Looms.

Cast on 8 sts; prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1: K2, skip 1 peg, K2, skip 1 peg, K2

(The skipped pegs will create small spaces where the “woven ladder” strands will be weaved at the end of the project.)

Rep Row 1 until item measures desired length from cast on row.

Bind off with basic bind off method.

Tighten final row and weave in loose ends. Lay flat and block.


Woven Ladder

Loosely weave one strand of jumbo yarn (approximately 12” longer than your finished scarf) in the first “skipped peg” spaces of each row. Weave the strand through every two rows to achieve the “woven ladder” effect. Leave 6” of the strand on each end of the finished scarf.


Using the same yarn as the woven strands, attach five 6″ tassels evenly across both ends of the scarf.

(Hint: Insert the end of the two woven strands through the nearest tassel to secure the strands of the scarf.)