These house socks are easy to knit. Using only the flat stitch and purl stitch, these are great for any skill level.

LOOM: ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, used as a single knitting, outside rail only.

YARN: Sample used Stitch Studio Earthtone in Cream approx 100 yards.

NOTIONS: tapestry needle, accent buttons.

GAUGE: 6 stitches and 8 rows to 1″ of flat stitch.

SIZE: medium 7-8, large 8-9.


K= uwrap stitch/flat stitch
P= purl stitch

Work one clockwise and one counter clockwise.


Ewrap cast on 52 pegs, prepare to work in the round.


Row 1: k3 (p1, k4) p1, k3

Row 2: (k2, p1, k1, p1) k2

Repeat rows 1&2 for a total of 30 rows.

Rows 31-35: k row

Turn heel on 26 pegs, using short row shaping. There will be 10 unwrapped pegs when finished decreasing.

Knit in flat stitch for a total of 35 (40) rows.
Work as many rows as desired for the length of the sock. (8 rows = 1″)

Repeat heel instructions for toe.

Bind off and slip last loop off peg and cut yarn leaving an 12″ tail for sewing.

Sew the toe closed using a yarn needle using the Invisible Stitch.

Tighten cast on edge.

Sew on accent buttons to the cuff. (The set of 4 knit stitches side by side)

21 thoughts on “Hoppies

  1. The pattern is wrote out for this loom but the pattern could be used on the His and Her Sock Loom but you will need to do a swatch and figure out the amount of rows needed.

  2. Your Lulu Headband has a stitch called “Icord”
    the instructions for the Icord is: over the first two pegs (peg 1 and @), work a 2 st icord that is 35 rows long. Cut yarn and join yarn at peg 3.
    Could you explain this in more detail or can you direct me to a video that I can see how it is done.

  3. What is in parenthesis on row1 and on row 2
    What Zoe’s that men is that what you do for larger size?

  4. What is in parenthesis ( ) is what you need to repeat within the row.
    The width can not be changed since you use all the pegs.

  5. Does the instruction, “work one clockwise and one counter clockwise” refer to the left and right sock? Are the rows knit in the round continuing the same way for the entire sock?

  6. One needs to be worked clockwise and the other needs to be counterclockwise so at the start and end stitches end up on the outside of the sock. This is where the buttons get sewn. The pattern is worked in the direction at which it is casted on. Just make sure you do not work both socks in the same direction.

  7. Hi. What weight is this yarn please? I am in the uk and we dont have this brand so i need to find if this a 5 or 6 weight yarn.

  8. So what is on the outside of the parenthesis is the border stitch for the row and what is in the parenthesis is the repeat stitches for row?
    Can this pattern be used either sock loom2.?

  9. Row 1: k3 (p1, k4) p1, k3
    So on row 1 you knit the first 3 pegs. The ( ) is the repeat within the row. So you work p1,k4 until you reach the last for pegs.You then work p1, k3 to finish the row.

  10. can I buy a hard printed copy of your patterns as I don’t have a printer available and it would be easier for me as I am can not write the direction down?

  11. ive done the cuff and now I’m about to start the heel. what does it mean by turn heel on 26 pegs and work short row shaping, please could you publish exactly what to do?

  12. You work it just like you would for any other sock heel. You will have 10 unwrapped pegs after the heel shaping.

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