Socks Loom-A-Long

Hi everyone,

Let’s get this rolling with stage one. First, please comment under this blogpost and let me know which knitting loom you will be using along with the thickness of yarn that you will be using for your project. I especially need to know if you are using another loom other than the AllnOne.

Remember: we will be doing the Double Woven Socks.

Get your pattern, printed out and add a few pages of clean paper, just to write down some notes.

What you will need:

Loom: All-n-One Knitting Loom or the Sock Loom

Yarn: If using the All-n-One Knitting Loom, you will need 150-180 yards of worsted weight yarn. If using the Sock Loom, I recommend obtaining about 350 yards of fingering weight sock yarn.

Tools: tapestry needle, 2 double pointed knitting needles in a either a size 8 (if using worsted weight yarn) or a size 2 (if using fingering weight yarn).

DAY 1 of Loom-a-Long: SWATCH

Cast on 24 pegs if using the AllnOne, 34 pegs if using the sock loom, on your knitting loom, join to work in the round.

Work a tube that is about 4 inches long: use the Knit stitch–you may use the Flat Stitch.

Bind it off. Block it lightly.

Now, let’s measure for gauge/tension.

Gauge/tension  refers to the number of stitches and rows per inch in your sample swatch.

Measuring your Swatch:

Set it flat on a smooth, hard surface. Lay a ruler horizontal across the  the center of the swatch and count the number of stitches in 2 inches.  Now measure rows by laying the ruler vertically across the swatch. Count the number of rows in 2 inches.  There, now you have your gauge/tension with your knitting loom and your yarn.

Leave me that number in the comments below so I can reference to it, especially if you are using another knitting loom other than the AllnOne.



22 thoughts on “Socks Loom-A-Long

  1. Hi, I’m Deana from NC : I love your site!

    I’m using doubled yarn to make an afghan for a child. ( I’m a beginner ) . The yarn gets so twisted – HELP! How do you prevent this ?

    Thank you for your assistance. I’m gonna be here a lot! Lol. I have a lot to learn from all of you who are experts!

  2. I will be using the KB sock loom. I would like to try using worsted yarn instead. Is this o.k.?

  3. Really disappointed. I was told to go to the video. I still don’t know what to do. I have the sock loom and sock yarn Is it a total of 34 sts in the round? Like on needles it’s so many sts on each thanks Jackieneedle. May sound dumb, but I need to know. I could never get an answer to my questions. I checked this sites many times yesterday and this info wasn’t there. Now I know I can come here for instructions. I have done some loom knitting, but not on the sock loom. Jackie

  4. Hi Jackie,

    For the Sock Loom-a-long, Isela is starting out with a swatch to test your individual gauge. So that is why you are starting with 34 stitches in the round. After you test gauge you will be beginning sock which will use many more stitches, more like 48-52 stitches, or pegs, to create width of your sock. I hope this helps. Just follow along. She will go over each step.

  5. I’m using to ck loom and Deborah Norville sock yarn GEMS variegUated. I have an inch done so far. Using the hook from knifty knitter as it picks up the yarn easier. It’s very relaxing to do.

  6. I’m using the k b sock loom and Patons super fine ( 1 ) sock yarn

  7. Is there an easy way to knit the stitches on the inside end of the loom? It yakes me longer to do those than a side row and I have very small hands.

  8. I’m using the All-n-One and gave a gauge swatch of 11 sts and 16 rows for 2 inches. Oops! Posted on the wrong one first time 🙂

  9. Mary I was having the same problem I put the short side by my body and hook over the peg. Don’t know if I explained it very good. I’m using a fine sock yarn and think the weave is to open.

  10. I started over with a # 2 sock yarn. In my area they never heard of fingering yarn. Lol The # 1yarn was to open to suit me.

  11. Mary,
    I have found that if I tilt the knitting loom long ways so it is towards my belly that it is easier for me to knit the inside pegs. It is going to take a little getting used to but after awhile, you will be a pro.

  12. Hi, I’ll be using KB Sock loom with Patton #1 yarn. should I double the yarn? Ball measurements are: Right foot = 10″, Left foot = 9.5″ (swollen feet most of the time).

  13. Unfortunately, you need a loom with capabilities to be able to knit in the round. The knitting board doesn’t have pegs all around, it goes from one rail to the other. I am sorry.

  14. hello, i would like to knit this, but i am unsure about the wool. may i use sockwool on the knitting loom (their recommended needle size is 2,5 to 3 mm). i wonder about this because i want superwash wool for our socks.
    thank you!

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