Spruce Berry Mittens

When the snow falls you’ll be ready to play with super warm mittens. Stylish enough for any occasion!

LOOM: ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, set up for flat panel in double knit. Other looms may be used with 34+ double stitches.

STITCHES: Rib, Stockinette and Figure 8 for FDL design

YARN: Premier Serenity Chunky Tweed, #5, Color Cypress (G), 1-1/2 skeins. Premier Serenity Chunky, color Red Ochre (R), 1 skein and Pristine, white (W), 1 Skein. 100% Acrylic, 109 yds per skein. Machine wash, warm.

NOTIONS: Knit hook, Crochet hook, Large Darning Needle

SIZE: Adult med/large (7-7.5” from wrist to tip of middle finger)

GAUGE: 5 sts X 9 rows=2 inches in stockinette

St (sts)=stitch (stitches), Inc=increase, dec=decrease,

Techniques: Increase (inc)-move loops over to create an empty peg. Lift loop from previous row on adjacent peg onto empty peg to create a new stitch.





Decrease (dec)-lift loop on one peg onto adjacent peg. This creates an empty peg and a peg with 2 loops. Shift all loops over to close in the empty peg. This removes the stitch. When hooking over, lift both loops as one.





Note: When instructed to work an inc or dec, always follow this with a weave and hook over to complete the row. It will say, “work row”.


Cast On in Rib stitch. (22) stitches with G yarn. Lay anchor yarn over stitches.

Rows 1-10: Work in Rib stitch. Rest of mitten will be worked in stockinette stitch.

Work 1 row in Stockinette with G yarn.

Add W yarn at 2nd stitch and knot. Cut G yarn.

Work 2 rows in stockinette with W yarn. Increase 1 stitch at each end at 3rd stitch after the 2nd row is complete. Work this row.
Work one additional row. Total W rows=4.

Add G yarn, and work 1 row.

Pick up W yarn, and work 1 row. Cut W yarn.

Add G yarn, and work 2 rows. After 2nd G row, inc 1 st each end. Work row. Cut G yarn.

Add W yarn, and work 3 rows. On rows 2 and 3, inc 1 stitch each end, and work rows.

There are now 30 stitches on the loom. Cut and knot the W yarn.

Add G yarn and work 2 rows.
Increase 4 stitches. Move 6 sts out from each end creating one empty at each end at peg 7 and peg 23. Then move the end 3 stitches out to create 2 more empty pegs. Be sure to add the new stitches from previous row onto empty pegs.
You now have 34 stitches on the loom.

Work 2 additional rows in G yarn.


The thumb is worked on center 10 stitches. They will remain on the loom as you continue to work in flat panel. Leave G yarn attached at beginning of loom. Add R yarn at peg 13 or 14 for thumb stitches.


Work 10 rows in center of loom with R yarn. After each row, simply push down in center of loom to move the thumb stitches down.

Once complete, bind off the 10 sts with a dec: Move loop 1 onto peg 2, loop 3 onto peg 4, loop 5 onto peg 6, 7 onto peg 8, 9 onto peg 10. You have 5 pegs with 2 loops each. Move them together to center.

Cut R yarn with 6” yarn tail. Place yarn on darning needle and remove the thumb stitches to yarn. This will hold them until you are ready to sew the mitten. Push the thumb down so that it is below the loom.

The mitten is worked on the remaining 24 sts, 12 on each side of thumb.
Slowly, move the stitches from each side to meet in center. Be sure to move the 12 inner sts to line up with the 12 outer sts. Do same thing to other side. Once all sts are moved to meet in center, do a reinforcement twist on st 12 and st 13 by crossing them.
This twist will reinforce the base of thumb.

Work 2 additional rows in G yarn on the 24 sts.
Do increase at st 3 and st 22 after 2nd row of G is complete. Cut G yarn. There are now 26 sts on the loom.

Add W yarn at 2nd peg. Work 2 rows in W yarn. Leave W yarn attached.

Add R yarn at peg 2 by tying it in center between the rows of pegs.
Work 3 rows with W and R yarn to complete the Fleur de Lis pattern.

Fleur de Lis There are five R designs, worked in 3 rows.
Each has: Row 1 with a center stitch,
Row 2 with 3 stitches,
Row 3 has 1 center stitch.
There are 2 stitches between the designs at center sts. Work all R sts in Figure 8 stitch, and then add the W yarn in stockinette.

It goes like this:
Row 1 & 3: Wrap st 4, 9, 14, 19, 24 with R yarn in Figure 8. Lay R yarn down but do not cut. Work remaining pegs with W yarn in stockinette. Hook over.
Row 2: Wrap sts 3,4,5, -8,9,10,-13,14,15,-18,19, 20, -23, 24, 25 with R yarn in Figure 8. Work remaining pegs with W yarn in stockinette.

You will note that the Figure 8 wrap is only moving R to L, or L to R. The yarn tail will end at R end of loom after the 3 rows. Cut R yarn.

Work 2 rows with W yarn. You can tie the R yarn tail onto the W yarn at R side at next row. Cut W yarn and tie on G yarn.






Work 4 rows of G yarn.

Decrease row (dec):  Dec by 4 sts at each of the dec rows. Work the dec on peg 3 from each end, and center 2 pegs. This leaves 4 empty pegs, 1 at each end and 2 in center. Shift the loops to close in the empty pegs. Work row.

Work one regular row with G yarn. (no dec)
Next 2 rows, do dec rows and work each row.
Work one regular row.
Work 1 dec row. Work row.
Now 10 sts on loom. Cut G yarn with 10” yarn tail.

Removing the mitten from loom: Move the loops from inner loom to outer loom so that the inner loom is empty. Hook over to have only one loop on each of the 10 pegs. Shift loop from peg 1 onto peg 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8, 9 to 10. Move stitches towards center. Place yarn tail on darning needle and pick up all loops so that they are on the yarn and free of the loom. Remove the mitten.

Sewing and Finishing
Once the mitten is off the loom stretch it out so that the inc and dec are even and well shaped. Fold in half. The sewing will look best if you use the same color yarn as the stripes dictate. Start with the thumb and sew the R sts together with the yarn tail. Once you get to the G open area at base of thumb, change to G yarn. Sew this securely.

Move to top of mitten and draw the bind off sts up with yarn tail, Knot. Continue with G yarn until you get to the W fleur de lis section. Change to W yarn and do all the W sections. Knot each one. Use G yarn to complete the sewing down to the cuff. Be sure to match the color sections for a professional looking mitten. If you have any yarn tails to cut and weave into knitting, do these before sewing the cuff. Once the cuff is closed up, it will be more difficult to get into the inside to trim yarn tails. Once complete, you will repeat all instructions for the 2nd mitten.

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  1. can this be done in just a tweed colored yarn? If so is the instructions the same?
    Thank you.

  2. Did this whole pattern right up until the end, there were no video instructions on how to decrease stitches by 4 and then down to only 10 stitches. Such a shame I couldn’t complete the glove as i didn’t understand how to decrease.

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