Silver Bells Clutch

Design by Renita Harvey

Enjoy the holiday parties with bells on!  This small clutch is just big enough for money, cards, and lipstick.  It is always handy hanging on your wrist.

Using both single and double knitting, this small purse can be created very quickly and makes a great gift as well.

LOOM:  Rotating Double Knit Loom

YARN:   64 yds 4/worsted weight yarn and 30 yds 2/fine weight yarn, Lion Brand Landscapes Yarn in Lake Clark and Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour Yarn in Platinum used in sample

NOTIONS:  Loom tool, tapestry needle. snaps (optional)

GAUGE:  n/a

SIZE:  7.5″ long x 3″ tall


KKnit – e-wrap knit stitch is not recommended


COCast on

BO:  Bind off

CA:  Color A – Blue

CB:  Color B – Silver

R:  Row

W&T:  Wrap and turn by lifting the stitch and wrapping the peg from back to front

Rep:  Repeat

Pattern Notes

Use 1 strand of the 4/worsted weight yarn.

Use 2 strands held together as 1 of the 2/fine weight yarn.

Do not cut the yarn when changing between colors.  Drop the yarn not being used and pick it up when needed again.

When changing colors in the middle of the row, twist the 2 yarns around each other once to prevent holes in the work.

Closure Flap is worked sideways.



Using CA, CO 26 peg sets with stockinette stitch weave in double knit

Work 30 rows of criss cross stitch pattern found HERE


Closure Flap

Using CA, CO 12 pegs in single knit.

R1-4:  K12

R5:  K6, add CB, continuing with CB, K6

R6: (short row) P5, W&T

R7: (short row) K5

R8: (short row) P5, W&T

R9: (short row) K5

R10:  P6, K6

R11:  P6, K6

R12: (short row) P5, W&T

R13: (short row) K5

R14: (short row) P5, W&T

R15: (short row) K5

R16:  P6, drop CB, pick up CA, K6

R17-20: Continuing with CA, K12

R21:  K6, add CB, continuing with CB, K6

Rep R6-21, 3 times

Rep R6-20, one more time



Wrist Strap

Work a 2 peg i-cord for approximately 10”.



Fold the Purse part in half bring the CO and BO edges together.

Seam the sides.

Seam the top of the Closure Flap to the back of the Purse.

Fold the Wrist Strap in half and sew the ends on the inside of the top corner of the Purse.

Add snaps to the inside of the Closure Flap if desired.

Weave in ends.

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  1. I wish there is a video for this purse. I love the design but am confused with the closure flap and when we use the two strands of fine yarn.

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