Holiday Tree Garland

Designed by Renita Harvey

Holidays always include decorations.  The best decorations are ones that are handmade with love. Deck the halls with this festive tree garland that is worked as one piece and goes on as long as you have time and patience to make it.  The connecting cord is worked on the outside loom while the trees are worked in double knit. Five cheerful charts with skill levels ranging from beginner to medium depending on which chart is chosen is provided to pick and choose from to create your own holiday cheer.

LOOM:  Rotating’ Double Knit Loom

YARN:  4 weight 100% acrylic yarn, yds vary depending on number of trees, Lion Brand Heartland in Katmai and Everglades, Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour (2 strands used as 1) in Gold, Red Stone, and Topaz used in the sample

NOTIONS:  Loom tool, crochet hook, tapestry needle

GAUGE:  not important

SIZE:  each tree 3” wide x 6” tall, entire garland with 12 trees as shown is 61.5” long


CO – Cast On

 BO – Bind Off

SW- Stockinette Weave

 Sts – Stitches


Use 1 strand of 4 worsted weight yarn.

Use 2 strands together as 1 of 2 fine weight yarn.

Always insert the crochet hook in the stitch in the same direction in order to keep the bind off from getting twisted.

The chain is worked in single knit on the outside loom.  Trees are worked in double knit.

Sample worked with 12 trees.  Work as many or few trees with whichever charts desired.

Read chart from bottom to top and from left to right.  Work green in stockinette weave.  Work other colors in back to back weave unless the entire row is worked in the same color then work in SW.

Use ends to tie or otherwise secure garland.

If longer cords are desired on each end, work more pegs for the cord at the beginning and end of the project.

Tip:  Print off charts.  Mark off each row when worked for ease of reading.




Leaving a 6″ tail, CO the outside loom in single knit with grey using the chain CO method for 25 pegs.


Begin the chain cast on by placing the slip knot on the first peg.

This picture is from the front of the loom.









Bring the working yarn around back of the next peg.  Wrap around the crochet hook and back around the front of the peg.  Wrap the working yarn around the hook.  Pull the new loop through.

This picture is from the back of the pegs being cast on.




Pull the new loop behind the next peg.  Bring the working yarn to the front of the peg.

This picture is from the back of the pegs being cast on.




Pegs cast on.




BO 15 pegs starting with the end stitch using the crochet BO method.




To bind off, place the loop from the first peg on the crochet hook.








Place the loop from the next peg on the hook so there are 2 loops on the hook.






Pull the second loop through the first loop.








Repeat for each peg making a cord.







When the last stitch has been bound off,








place back on the peg.







CO 3 sts with green in double knit SW over the next 3 peg.  There will be 2 stitches on each peg on the outside rail and 1 stitch on each peg on the inside rail.




Place slip knot on the first peg.








Wrap with the SW for 3 pegs.








Return wrap so pegs have wraps on the front and back pegs.








Knit over the outside rail.







Wrap the 3 pegs in SW.  Knit over both rails.








Continue following desired chart.

Increase as follows when indicated on charts.

First BO the next cord stitch leaving an empty peg between the double knit work and the cord stitches.



Lift the loop from the previous stitch that is behind the peg.








Move it over to the next empty peg.









Increase the front peg in the same manner.








Move stitch over to empty peg.








Work the other side in the same manner on the back peg.








And then the front peg.









Place the new stitch on the next empty peg.







Each increase is worked on both sides increasing the work by 2 stitches.

When bottom of the tree is reached, BO as follows leaving 5 stitches for tree trunk/gift:

Place the loops from the back pegs on the last 4 stitches on each end on the corresponding front pegs.

Knit over so there are only 1 loop on each peg.

BO using the crochet BO method starting the end stitch working to the middle.  Repeat on the other side.

Leaving 5 stitches.

When tree trunk/gift is finished, BO as follows:

Place the loops from the back rail on the corresponding pegs on the front rail.

Knit over so there are only 1 loop on each peg.

Starting on the end opposite the working yarn, work the crochet BO method until all loops are off the pegs.  Pull the working yarn through the last loop to secure.

*Work the cord by CO 23 more pegs, finish the cord by BO 15 pegs, then work the next tree.

Continue by repeating from * until number of trees or width is achieved.

Work the cord for 13 more stitches.

Cut working yarn leaving a 6″ tail.  Pull tail through last stitch to finish.

Weave in ends.


Sample worked with trees in the following order:

  • Chart 1
  • Chart 2
  • Chart 3
  • Chart 4
  • Chart 1
  • Chart 5
  • Chart 5
  • Chart 1
  • Chart 4
  • Chart 3
  • Chart 2
  • Chart 1
























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  1. Dear Renita,

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