Contest Time!

We love our customers and we want to give you a chance to try out our new knitting looms–the All-n-One and the Adjustable Sock Loom.

We want you to have the chance to work up beautiful projects on a new knitting loom and share with others your creative talents.

Would you like to win one or both of these knitting looms?

It’s as easy as making a comment or following us on Facebook!


1st Prize Winner:

  • 1 All-n-One Knitting Loom
  • 1 Adjustable Sock Loom
  • $25 Gift Certificate to Knit Picks

2nd Prize Winner

  • AllnOne Knitting Loom
  • $10 Gift Certificate to Knit Picks

3rd Prize Winner

  • Adjustable Sock Loom

Contest Guidelines

Contest will run from today until April 30th at midnight.

We want you to come and visit our blog often, it is going to be one of our main forms of sharing patterns, tips, and ideas. We love to hear from you, we want to know what you are looking for in our products, in our patterns. Having this in mind, we would like feedback.

How to earn points:

Subscribe to our RSS Feed: 1 point. 1 point total for the entire month.

Join our Facebook Page: 1 point. 1 point total for the entire month.

Comment: Comment on blog posts we post, you can enter 1 comment (you can comment more than once, but you will only get 1 entry). 1 point per blog entry.

Share: Share the blog post* using any of the Social Media tools, share our blog post with others, via Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media networks. 1 entry per each social media network you use. Up to 3 points per blog entry

How to keep track of the points: we need your help in this aspect. After you have shared, please come back to the blog post of the day where you commented and in the same comment. Write the number of points and how you shared it.

The three people with the highest number of points will be winning the prizes listed above.

Winners will be announced May 15th.

*Blog posts must have been published during the month of April to be considered eligible in the contest.

53 thoughts on “Contest Time!

  1. I have wanted one of these since the day it was announced unfortunately I am going to be unemployed in may. God willing I will win one. Thank you

  2. Oh I am so excited about a contest -I love your looms and the video instructions and the patterns. Your customer service has been wonderful and friendly.

  3. I have subscribed to the rss feed – shared on facebook and twitter, liked your facebook page and am now commenting on this blog poast so that is a total of 5 points I think 🙂 Great contest!

  4. It would be cool to win one or both of these looms! I am commenting, I “liked” the page on FB, I shared the blog post on FB, and I subscribed to the RSS feed. I think that means I get 4 points for the contest.

  5. Peggy! Thank you for entering the contest :). Good luck! Three lucky winners, the odds are in everyone’s favor 😉

  6. Marguerite,
    Crossing fingers for you. Times are difficult right now and we definitely understand. Are you looking for other employment right now? Where do you currently work?

  7. Hi I love you website,Yahoo group, Facebook page and twitter having trouble getting on your RSS Feed at moment,
    I love loom knitting I’m currently making a Jacket on my 28 inch board with zigzag stitch hem, collar and cuffs with criss cross stitch body and sleeves will post a photo when finished. I’m also making a panda on my tadpole and i’v got 2 10inch boards I’m doing squares of different patterns to practice the patterns on one the other one is empty at moment lol . I would love to win the all in one board .

  8. Okay I subscribed to the RSS Feed.. Liked the facebook page.. Shared on Facebook, Twitter & Stumbleupon & am not commenting to this blog.. Crossing my fingers & off to read more April Blogs :-p Total (So far) of 6 🙂

  9. Isela, Are we suppose to post the score for each blog, ON that blog? Or on the current blog for the day? In this case it would be this one.. I am unsure how to edit my posts to update my score lol. I have commented & shared via facebook, Linkedin & Twitter the Stripes & Cowl blog posts.. Which gives me an extra 8 points right? A total of 14…

    Thank you for the contest & for helping me understand how to do this properly lol

  10. Misty, please post your total score on the blog of the day. For example, if there is a blog post on 4/15, comment on that blog and tell me the number of entries in total for that day. I am putting an excel sheet together to keep track of everyone’s points :), but if you have a tab going too at home, it will help also 😉

  11. OK so far I have subscribed to the RSS: that is 1 point, Commented on a blog post (is it this blog post or a different one I am supposed to comment on since you said 1 point per blog entry I am confused and can we do this more than once?): that is 1 point, shared on FB: that is 1 point, shared on Twitter: that is 1 point, and shared on stumble upon: that is 1 point. I also shared to Linked in: that is 1 point, but I am confused about if this will be counted or not because you said Up to 3 points per blog entry?? Also, if I do something else like comment on another blog post…do I comment here again or somewhere else? So that would be either be 5 or 6 points so far depending if the Linked In counted. I am sooooo very lost! 🙁

  12. I seem to always have a sock going on my adjustable sock loom…love it!
    Looking forward to the new ALL-in-One,I have heard several GREAT reviews on it 🙂

  13. I don’t knit because I am all thumbs. This might actually be something I could learn on. I have had this feed in my Reader for a while. I liked on FB and I commented here. Its 4 AM. How many is that?

  14. Isela,
    I think I posted under your pattern and not here. Anyway, I am not posting to win anything. I have all the boards AKB makes (2 of some). The contest is a great way to spread the word. I do it every place I go for yarn. I am using the All ‘N’ One to come up with a pattern for a man’s sweater; aren’t any I can find out there. I really enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more. Thanks for all your efforts!

  15. Id love to win one, I have the knifty knitter looms but these would be so much more adaptable to what I want to do.

  16. Just bought the 48″ loom looking forward to getting started on a project. I have the knifty knitters but I think I will like the tighter weave of these much better.

  17. Great contest! Loving the looks of this new loom! And would really love to try it. I am following via RSS, joined the facebook page, I’m leaving a comment here and have shared this contest with facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest. I think I maxed out with points for the day at 6.

  18. Liked Facebook page, Shared on FB & Blog, Twitter, I am leaving a comment on how awesome your looms are. Having some trouble on the RSS feed. How many is that?

  19. Just thought I’d give you a quick update….after mentioning/pinning the contest on Pinterest yesterday…I got 16 people to like that post and 25 people repinned it so far! I’d say there’s a lot of interest in this. I hope they made their way to this page. =)

  20. Oooooo! So excited about this all in one board. I just got my first board and taught myself how to knit on it about a month ago and absolutely love it! I will look for the all in one at my local craft store again in the future. I was at Jo-Ann’s today and didn’t see it otherwise, I would’ve bought it immediately!

  21. I would love to make socks. I have the 48 inch loom and just finished making my boyfriend a sweater. Took me all of two weeks. Thanks

  22. I would love to win the All-in-One loom! I already have and love the sock loom. It is so easy to use!

  23. I would love to have one of these looms they are so versatile and awesome! I’ll keep hoping 🙂

  24. Great looms, I do a lot of knitting for our Church and looms are extremely helpful.

  25. I love knitting socks but always have a hard time knitting the second sock.
    Maybe with a loom it would be easier to finish both socks. I would love to have one.

  26. Well I liked you facebook page and am commenting here. So that’s just 2 entries. My facebook is acting up now so I’ll have to try sharing the love tomorrow instead.

  27. I shared the link on facebook..I signed up for something, LOL….and I have commented here, asking a question which was not answered. I commented on your FB page…and now I’m back to summarize whatever it was I did…I think this is it…I hope I’m at least entered, even if I don’t totally get your sock instructions OR what you have to do to enter this thing….ha ha

  28. Sue,
    Currently, we do not have any patterns for a man’s sweater, however, it is something that we can most definitely remedy. Give us a little bit of time and we will work something up. Check back on the blog in a few weeks and you may be surprised ;).

  29. Judy, that is 3 entries. I am trying to find the question you posted but I cannot find it. What was the question exactly?

  30. Tammy, it is going to be a couple of months til the new knitting loom arrives at the stores….hold on tight 😉

  31. I posted your like on my son facebook with a big hint for mothers day;) I probably have more luck winning the contest. Thank you for the chance.

  32. I just got back home from MO, I was there helping my daughter unpack her household goods (she is the service and moves about every 3 years). While I was there she asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day and you bet I asked for the ” All n One” loom! (I have the 28′ loom and just loved it) However, it would be just fabulous to win one, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that I am one of the lucky ones. Either way I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day and keep having fun looming.

  33. I have one of these Sock Looms and think it is very nice, sturdy and easy to use. As of yet I have not completed any socks but can’t wait to see the results. The enclosed instruction video is a wonderful addition to this product. Maybe I’ll win the other loom and some yarn from Knitpicks. 🙂

  34. Awesome quality looms!!! I love these products and have joined, shared, liked, posted and fed….looks like a full five for me! Isela, glad to see you; you’ve been an inspiration for me to do many things these past few years…

  35. I’m going to post my points summary here (I lost track trying to post it in the other blog entry comments) So far I have commented on every post in April and shared on 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon) – here is the breakdown:

    Tulip Lace Facecloth – 4points
    Dropped Stitches – 4 points
    Socks Loom-a-long – 4 points
    New Videos for the AllnOne Knitting Loom – 4 points
    Contest Time! – 6 (liked fb page, subscribed to rss feed, shared on facebook, twitter and stuble upon, commented on post)
    Quick & Nifty Cowl – 4points
    Stripes – 4 points

    = GRAND TOTAL 30 points (can you tell I want to win REALLY bad? lol)

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