Introducing…’Premium’ Round Loom Set

This has been a big request for years. Finally it’s here!!

The ‘Premium’ Round Loom Set is the ideal set for small gauge knitting, with pegs spaced at 3/8” apart.  This is great spacing for using all your favorite worsted weight yarns. The looms are made of high grade plastic with a smooth finish, and stay put pegs.

Knit hats in 3 sizes!  Works super great for shawls, scarves, home decor, baby items, and much more!

Loom sizes…   small 64 pegs, medium 72 pegs and large 80 pegs. Available now at KB Looms. Here’s a few of our current hat patterns that work on the new looms. Click on photo for pattern.



15 thoughts on “Introducing…’Premium’ Round Loom Set

  1. I like Authentic Knitting Board looms. I have the oval loom set, but am used to using round ones. This looks tempting. I don’t see an extra peg where I can anchor my yarn, it would sure help me. Thanks.

  2. Are there any patterns other then hats for this loom?
    Also I am trying to secure these looms and it seems it won’t take my coupon codes
    Does it take more then one code?

  3. Hi, Only one discount code can be entered for an order. We are working on many more patterns/projects. Just need to watch the blog each week.

  4. I’ve been waiting so patiently!! Love all the looms I find it easy to use a round looms but have and use the oval hat loom as well.

  5. i am the proud owner of all KB Looms!!! I love all of them. I was sure hoping these looms were next!!! Thank you KB!! I cannot wait to get my hands on these!!!!

  6. Hi there, I am in South Africa and looms are normally very expensive to import with an exchange rate of almost 15 to 1. How much are these and what would the postage be to South Africa. 🙂

  7. YAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I have often wondered why there was not a round kb loom . I am so happy. Lets do the happy dance.

  8. Love the white hat with the flower!!! It’s so nice to see a pattern for a flower finally on loom not too many of those out there. Excited about all the new looms coming out!!! It’s nice see loom knitting getting some notice.

  9. will future kits include the 4th loom in the smaller size? or be available separately?, for making preemie baby hats, mittens, and slippers.
    Thank you Pat

  10. Premium Premier Round Loom Set Small Gauge set 3 looms. Which loom recommended for Adult hat? Pre-teen hat? Do not have instructions. Thank you.

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