Pavement Sunset Wall Art

If you are up until midnight browsing social media for the latest knit and crochet trends, you have probably noticed that knit wall art is now a “thing”! With this pattern, you can jump on board and create a stunning centerpiece for any room.

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Loom: Zippy Master Set; 4 Zippy Looms (16 pegs).

Yarn: Knit Picks Tuff Puff (100 g per skein), Super Bulky #6, 100% wool, 44 yds.

  • Color A (Silver): 2 skeins (120 g/53 yds)
  • Color B (Orange): 2 skeins (120 g/53 yds)
  • Color C (Flamingo): 1 skein (25 g/33 yds)

(Note: Use different color combinations for different effects [favorite sports team, flag colors, etc])

Finished Size: 30” x 19” finished object, 34” x 23” pipe border

Abbreviations: u = U Stitch

Stitches: U Stitch: Bring yarn to the front of the peg, then wrap around the peg to the back of the loom, then hook over or work the peg.

Other Materials (optional):

½” copper pipe (found at your local hardware store), 2 pieces 34” long, 2 pieces 23” long

4 pieces of ½” copper pipe fittings 90 degree (found at your local hardware store)

1 spool stretch cord (normally used for jewelry)

Tools: Knit hook, large sewing needle

Instructions (for one panel):

Cast on 16 stitches.

Rows 1-14: 16u in color A

Rows 15-25: 16u in color B

Row 26: [1u in color B, 1u in color C] repeat 7 times

Row 27: [1u in color C, 1u in color B] repeat 7 times

Row 28: Repeat row 27

Row 29: Repeat row 26

Row 30-31: Repeat rows 26-27

Rows 32-36: 16u in color C

Bind off and sew in loose ends.


Create three panels using above pattern. Using a whipstitch, sew three panels together.

To create the optional frame, connect copper pipes using 90-degree copper pipe fittings.

Center finished object in the pipe frame and attach by weaving stretch cord around the pipe and through the finished object until firmly centered in pipe frame. Hang on your wall, and enjoy!

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  1. Why is by cast on so loose and my cast off so tight. Trying to make dish cloths, and they come out, loose on one end and tight on the other. What am I doing wrong. Start rolls also.

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