All-n-One Knitting Loom Launch!

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The All-n-One knitting loom by the Authentic Knitting Board company.

We have all been waiting for the much anticipated release of this new knitting loom by the company. I have had the pleasure to work and create with this knitting loom for the past two months.

The moment it arrived, I rushed to open the box and was immediately in love with the knitting loom. Hundreds of design possibilies came to mind. It is a knitting loom that can go from making a little itty bitty baby bootie to a shawl, even a blanket!

Down to the knitty gritty of the loom. Gauge: it is small gauge, pegs are at 3/8″ apart. The knitting loom consists of 2 long rails (48 pegs on Kids and all n one loom 028each rail), 2 sliders–with 5 pegs each slider, for a total peg configuration of 106 pegs. It also comes with two spacers to use the knitting loom as a knitting board. The pegs are made out of nylon, giving the user a very smooth peg to slide your knitting tool on. Speaking of the peg–it is grooved to facilitate knitting and the pegs also have a small cap at the top to prevent the yarn from accidentaly sliding off the peg. The knitting loom itself is made of hardwood giving you a solid, strong loom. The wood has been varnished to provide you with a smooth, glide-your-hands-on-me knitting loom.

All-n-One loom will include the following:

  • 2 long rails (48 pegs each)
  • 2 sliders (5 pegs each)
  • 2 spacers
  • Knitting tool
  • Booklet with basic instructions and patterns.

The knitting loom is a delight to work on. It is so smooth to the touch and since it is made out of Allnone-2wood, it feels warm the more you use it. The pegs are smooth but not so smooth as to make the yarn pop off the top. They have enough grab for the yarn to stay on but yet smooth enough so the knitting tool slides easily on it. Adjusting it was a breeze too. All you have to do is loosen the wing nuts at the ends and slide the slider up/down, tighten the wing nut and you are good to go.

And now that I told you all about the knitting loom, let me show you what I have created on it so far.



Three of the patterns are available through the website, in the free pattern section, the Lacy Shawl and the Cowl. The purple hat instructions come with the knitting loom.  Look for another pattern (the slouchy hat in the center) coming shortly.

I have used DK weight yarn (the gray hat that my daughter NyNy is modeling and it gives me an impressive 11 sts per 2 in. Worsted weight, I had 9.5 sts per 2 inches.

Here are some quick numbers for your use:

Hats with Worsted Weight yarn

Adult Men: 88 pegs

Women S/M/L: 76/80/84 pegs

Youth: 72

Children: 64

Toddlers: 60

Baby: 54

As I play more with the knitting loom, I will be posting peg numbers for socks and other basic items.  Coming next…the Last Minute Slouchy Hat!


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  1. With the hat pattern that’s included with the loom, there are instructions for k1tog that require moving the 5 peg piece as the “round” decreases…. this is very confusing as a beginner! Any chance there is a video somewhere that might explain it better?

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