Gardens in Giverny

Giverny is a community near the River Seine.  It is a place that Claude Monet once called home.  In Giverny, he created beautiful gardens which served as inspiration for many of his paintings, including his famous Water Lilies series.  The colors in this lovely wrap felt very botanical to me.  The elongated stitches give the wrap a gorgeous drape and flowing feel.  I hope you will enjoy creating a ‘Garden’ of your very own.


LOOM:  18” All-n-One Loom

YARN:  2 skeins Red Heart Soft in Guacamole and 1 skein Red Heart Soft in Watercolors.

NOTIONS:  Knitting Tool, Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Tape Measure, Cable Needle

GAUGE: 16 sts and 24 rows = 4” in twisted stockinette

SIZE:  14” x 40” before blocking




CO=Cast on

k=knit stitch (note: the u-wrap knit stitch is recommended for this project)

k2tog=knit 2 together

p=purl stitch







Using the Guacamole yarn, cast on 62 stitches.

Rows 1, 3 & 5:  Knit all stitches.

Rows 2, 4 & 6:  Purl all stitches.

Row 7:  *Knit peg.  Wrap same peg 4 times.  Rep from * to end of row.

Row 8:  Peg 1- begin purl in bottom stitch on peg.  Drop top 4 wraps from peg.  Finish purl stitch.  *Next 6 pegs – drop the top 4 wraps from each peg.  Each peg will have a stitch on it and a long loop behind it.  Carefully place the stitches from pegs 6, 5, and 4 on the cable needle.  Drop the cable needle to the center of the loom temporarily.  Move the stitch from peg 3 to peg 6, the stitch from peg 2 to peg 5, and the stitch from peg 1 to peg 4.  From the cable needle – move stitch 4 to peg 1, stitch 5 to peg 2, and stitch 6 to peg 3.  Purl pegs 1-6.  Rep from * until the last peg.  Last peg – begin purl in bottom stitch on peg.  Drop top 4 wraps from peg.  Finish purl stitch.

Using the Watercolors yarn, repeat rows 1-8.

Alternate colors and repeat rows 1-8 until panel reaches approximately 40” in length.  End with the Guacamole yarn.  Continuing with the Guacamole color, repeat rows 1-6 once more.

Remove panel from the loom using the basic bind off method.  Weave in all yarn ends.  Lightly steam to block.



Lay the knitted panel down.

Fold the left side down as shown below:

Fold the right side down as shown below:

Seam the two sides together using the tapestry needle:


The following pictures are close up shots of the seaming process:









When the seaming is finished, complete the project by weaving in the yarn ends.





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