• rug1.JPGJust finished my first rug. It’s about 26″ wide and 36″ long. Really feels good on bare feet-Lion Brand wool Ease yarn, and some remnants of other yarns. So, It was so much fun……I’ve decided to go into the rug business. This has become such a great project for me. I love being able to let my creative side run wild, and when it gives me the opportunity to give my home a bit of a makeover, then I definitely need to take advantage of this. After all, a friend of mine recently updated their home to a sleek modern look, with a sign from being the centerpiece of their living room, and so it makes sense that I should follow suit, right?

    The good thing about redecorating your house is that the options in terms of what you can change are limitless. I think I’m going to go with unique rugs, wall hangings, placemats, and any other design ideas that pique my interest. Whilst I’m thinking about incorporating these features, I should make sure that it complements the design of my actual walls. Color theory is such a pain sometimes when it comes to decorating. I may need to consider looking for peel and stick wallpaper that can accommodate this. I’ve seen some beautiful designs recently and would love to incorporate some on my own walls, so I’ll let you know about what I decide to do.

    Before thinking about any of this though, I just need to make sure that I find the perfect durable yarns, colors, and such. The knitting board is perfect for this. How else could you get the thickness with 2 sided effects? Hand-made rugs can be very expensive but are so pretty coordinating with a room’s decor. Should I add fringe to this rug? I was thinking of some Christmas designs in front of the fireplace. Matching throw pillows? OK, as soon as I find the greatest yarn in the world for these fun projects, I will pass it on to everyone.

8 thoughts on “RUGS

  1. I love your rug! Does it turn out thick enough that it would lay flat on carpet? How did you get that pattern with the white yarn?

  2. Yes, It does stay flat on the carpet and on any surface. That’s the great thing about using a board for rug knitting. Because of the double knit it lays very flat. The white stripe is just one row of knitting.

  3. Hi Pat!

    The rug looks wonderful!! Is this the one you were working on while at the Red Bud Festival with me? You certainly didn’t have much time to work on it there with everyone asking you questions, but that is a very good thing!

    I’ve set aside my looms for a little bit to make a cross stitch picture of my friends first baby. It’s coming along nicely, but for some reason, the colors look darker than what I think they should. I hope I don’t have to do it again, but for this friend, I most definitely will.

    Keep up the great work!


  4. Your rug is very, very nice! Can one of the knifty knitter long looms be used to create a rug and still have the thick, tight weave that you have in yours using a knitting board?

    Beautiful work!

  5. Thanks for the postins; the rugs look really good.
    Could you tell us the loom type and gauge please?

    thanks you,

    Jan from MA

  6. I used the 28″ knitting board to make the rug. You can start with any color and then on the row where you want to change color just cut your yarn and tie in another color. It’s very EASY, no sewing involved. I am not too familiar with the knifty kniter. But to give it the nice thick tight stitch you need a knitting board where the needles are close together.

  7. love the rugs going to have to try it am new to this loom knitting and man o man am I having fun with all the thing we can do on it, yes I made a lot of boo boo but live and learn right. lol, the sock and gloves I having problems with but im sure I can do it. went to looming because of my hands and couldn’t knit with them too good., my mom the same way so on the 7th when I go see her am going to give her a CRASH COURS on the loom and see if she like it , there no drought in my mind she will so today im buying her one too thank ladies love the site

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