Welcome Isela Phelps!

Great News! We would like to introduce and welcome Isela Phelps to Knitting Board Chat. Isela is a loom knitting pro, been an avid loom knitter for over 10 years, and has written 6 loom knitting books, several have been best sellers long standing. She has written for various publications for both loom knitting and needle knitting and has appeared on national television, in the ever popular Knitty Gritty show with Vickie Howell.

Appearing on national television is a big deal. So few of us will ever have the opportunity to appear on shows that get broadcast to thousands of people across the country, and maybe even the world if you’re lucky. I know for a fact that over 120,000 households in the United States of America, at least, have access to a television (click here for the statistics and more), which means that it is very likely that Isela informed a small portion of this figure about her specialist subject, and this could go a long way in persuading more people to take up knitting. This is wonderful, and it’s because of that reason, and many more, that we are over the moon to welcome her to our very own team.

We are so excited that she will be joining us here at Knitting Board Chat, sharing her vast loom knitting knowledge, patterns and ideas. Watch for exciting Knit-Alongs, fun techniques and real life solutions to everyone’s inquiries. You will learn so much from her vast knowledge of techniques, videos, stitches and more. We are really looking forward to seeing it all. We feel confident that you will, also. So stay tuned, and join the fun with Isela.

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  1. Thank you so much! I am so excited to be part of such a great company. I have fallen in love with the All-n-One knitting loom and the Adjustable Sock Loom. Both are some of my ultimate favorite products and I am so glad that I can share some of my knowledge and patterns with your friends.

    I hope many of you join me and visit us often for knitting tidbits and patterns.

    Again, thank you for having me.

  2. I would love a womens cardigan patttern, maybe in lightweight yarn. Any pattern suggestions?

  3. YAY!! Isela is the best!! Glad to see you joining up with her. Great looms! A good pro!! And of course the staff at Knittingboard is wonderful!! All the best to you! I will be lurking and watching!! Wendy

  4. So glad to see Isela here! Nearly everything I learned about loom knitting was from her wonderful videos. I send people to the video page on her blog all the time. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

  5. Isela!! It’s so good to see you back in the full looming and pattern world again. I know you’ve been here and there, but not as active. Glad you and KB hooked up.The BEST of both worlds together!


  6. Isela, glad to see you again! You’ve been missed in other parts of the loomy world! Your reference materials are The Best, and your work has inspired me, and many others, I’m sure, to really stretch our abilities in this craft. Thanks!

  7. I am so happy that Isela Phelps is going to be on this site for the Authentic Knitting Board. Thank you Isela

  8. I have to tell you about the knitting loom explosion I’ve created. Totally by accident. My oldest daughter started loom knitting and I thought that my 11 y.o. daughter would like to learn as well. She did, but not only her but her other 2 older sisters, and their friends! I bought looms for my niece and my good friend too. I suggested to my friend that she take the loom to her 90 y.o. lady she works for , maybe it would be fun for her and less labor intensive than knitting needles. She loves it! Her daughter , who is a nun , decided to buy them for all of the nuns as well, and they are knitting hats and prayer shawls! Crazy, right? All that to say, I think their is a a revival of “doing” instead of “watching” and that is exciting. Thanks for all of your tutorials and patterns.
    So helpful!

  9. One more thing. Is there a tutorial for understanding and reading knitting instructions? I need one….

  10. Hello, I would like to double knit a scarf that is 12″ wide. What product would be needed to make it? An All-n-One or a 28″ board? Thank you.

  11. Isela I have been looking at your Summer Breeze top free pattern done on a 28 peg AIO loom. Can this be done on the 18″ AIO loom also since it is flat panel knitting?

  12. If you are doing the small sizes, you could use the AIO, but the larger sizes require more pegs than what the AIO loom has

  13. Hi Isela, I have your Loom Knitting Socks book, but the Wonder Sock Loom is no longer available. What loom do you recommend as replacement for your patterns in the book?
    Thanks! Susan

  14. Susan,
    Currently, there are no looms that transfer directly to these patterns. However, if you hold on tight, I believe a similar knitting loom will enter the market in the fall. In the meantime, you will have to adapt all the pattern to the different gauge knitting looms. You will need to take into consideration the gauge. The gauge of the socks is really tight, so you will need to probably half all the numbers that the patterns call for. Example, if the sock calls for 80 pegs, you probably will be using 40 pegs with the larger gauges.

  15. Hi I am having trouble with the 52 peg sock loom videos on the heel and toe it is very confusing! it only does not complete the heel nor the toe! If you can help Isela to help me in better detail, I love to hear from you. Ive had to start too many time for my liking

  16. I am blind and on the iris hat you start out with 70 stitches and add ten more and then you have to take it all off the board and replace it to 80 stitches is there a easier way
    thank You Judy

  17. I have made several of your Messy Bun Hat II pattern, and absolutely love it. However, I am wondering how you get rid of the jog when switching between the purl and knit rows? I have tried several methods, but haven’t been really happy with any of them. I know that knitters are often too hard on themselves, and the non-knitter probably doesn’t even notice the jog, but it is really noticeable to me. Any suggestions you might have for this would be greatly appreciated.

  18. I need help. I just got a 28″ loom. I can crochet but I am new to loom knitting. I started a baby afghan with the long bars and the smallest spacers. My yarn is a light weight number 3. After I had about 6 inches completed I noticed the outside bottom corners were about 2-3 inches longer than the middle. I tried pulling it out a little bit but that didn’t help. The bottom of my work looked like a sad face and that is how I am feeling about this problem. Can you help, please. Thanks you

  19. Belinda, I am making the assumption that you are using the long bars to make a double-sided item. When you knit off/over on the pegs, ensure that you knit off a few pegs on the right side, then on the left, then back to the right, then back to the left (both sides of the rails) this will ensure that your knitting is getting the same amount of yarn throughout the stitches. Also, if the long rails look like they are coming together at the center, it is a definite sign of those middle stitches being tighter. The rails should keep the same distance throughout the rails.

  20. Just a question? Can the Bubble Wrap Stitch Be created on a round loom or flat loom. I searched the internet and only found the Bubble wrap Stitch pattern being created with knitting needles. It is such a beautiful pattern. It is totally different then the bobble or popcorn stitches. Any assistance will be appreciated. Be Bless

  21. Just a question? Can the Bubble wrap Stitch be created on a round or flat loom. I have seen the pattern created with knitting needles, but could not find it using a knitting loom. The pattern is beautiful. It is totally different from the Bobble and popcorn stitch patterns. I appreciate any information available. Be Bless

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