Jupiter, our newest model

Jupiter just had her first photo shoot. She is  a 5 year old really cool GREAT DANE. She loves to wear knit creations and so far, she has had a lot of patience with wardrobe changes.

Jupiter wearing her favorite scarf. She’s waiting for me to knit her a cozy sweater to match.   I told her that there’s a lot of other good doggies out there that are waiting for a knitted sweater, too.   That’s something we’re working on.   She’s so patient-what a sweetie.


Jupiter wearing a doggie cape.   Well, it’s not exactly a sweater, but she thinks she’s really styling.


Jupiter dressed and ready for an outing.


One thought on “Jupiter, our newest model

  1. Do you have instructions for the great goncho sweater and the Newbury sweater. Good sweater patterns are difficult to find for the knitting board. Thanks

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