Picot-Boo Bonnet

This sweet baby bonnet is the matching topper for the little pair of booties, Zoey’s Tootsies, released last year.  These were especially designed for my niece, with whom they share a namesake. The bit of picot edging and the contrast colored “peek-a-boo” back, along with the adorable ribbon tie, are what make this little bonnet an heirloom quality accessory!
Zoey’s Toesies: click here to access the coordinating booties pattern~

Items Needed:

Knitting loom: KB 18″ All-n-One Loom

Yarn:  approx. 1 skein each color of Cascade Yarns Fixation: Sock Weight, 100 yards, 98.3% Cotton/ 1.7% Elastic (sample in colors MC: #9907 & CC: Lemon).

Notions: Loom tool, yarn needle, scissors, 26″ length of ribbon or I-cord.  (Also helpful: peg markers, row counter, 4mm crochet hook for cast on and help with possible missed stitches, etc.)

Gauge: 11 stitches and 24 rows= 2″.

Finished bonnet measures 5.5″ in height and depth, and 11″ around face edge.

Skills Needed: True Knit Stitch or U-stitch, Chain CO and/or Half Hitch CO, and Gather BO, Knit 2 Together.

Little Baby Zoey! 🙂

Pattern Notes:

All knit stitches are either worked as a true knit stitch, or as a U-stitch.

The sample bonnet was knit using an elastic yarn, which makes the end result nice and smooshy.  The thing to be careful of is keeping just a little bit of tension on the yarn throughout the project. This gives the project that perfect amount of stretch…not too little and not too much.  BUT!  make sure to keep the tension consistent throughout the project for a smooth, even knitted fabric.


CO: cast on

HHCO: half hitch cast on

CC: Contrast Color

MC: Main Color

K: knit stitch or U-stitch, as desired

S1: slip one, or skip one

KO: knit off

St(s): stitches

WY: working yarn

k2tog: knit 2 stitches together.

BO: Bind off


Pattern Instructions:

Using your CC yarn, CO to 60 pegs to work as a flat panel. (Sample uses chain CO.)

Rows 1-9: S1, k59.

Row 10: K2tog every odd peg starting with peg 3 (Move loop from peg 2 to peg 3, move loop from peg 4 to peg 5, etc, all around loom. To work row, s1, carry WY behind each empty peg, k all pegs with 2 loops 2 over 1.).

Row 11:  S1, then carry yarn in front of each empty peg and k each peg with loops. All pegs will now be filled.

Rows 12-20: S1, k59.

Cut CC.  Pull CO sts back up onto all corresponding pegs. Knit extra loops 2 over 1 on next row.

Row 21:  Using MC, CO to 6 pegs before peg 1, k60, CO to 6 pegs after peg 60. There will now be 72 pegs with loops. (Sample uses chain CO, but HHCO could also be used.)

Rows 22-60: K72.  Cut MC.

Rows 61-66: Using CC k72.  Count down 6 sts (at the beginning of the CC rows) and pull sts back up onto all corresponding pegs and KO.

Rows 67-88: Continuing with CC, k72.


Gather BO until there is a keyhole opening of 2.5″. Knot the two bottom edges together.

Pin a 26″ ribbon or knit I-cord for tying loosely around baby’s neck along the bottom edge. Fold under 1″ of bottom edge and stitch in place, making sure to not sew through ribbon/I-cord.

Weave in all ends, stretching the fabric as you go, so that the tails will stay hidden.  Trim close to work.

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