Loom Extender Projects

RUGS, all kinds of rugs – from shaggy rugs to intricately designed rugs! They are so easy and quick to make with the loom extenders. This is a rug made by weaving FABRIC STRIPS using the 28″ Knitting Board and the 10″ loom extenders. 2 X 3.5

Fabric strips make great rugs and home decor. This rug was made with 4 woven sections. You simply start with 4 yards of jersey knit fabric in 2 colors, cut them into 1″ strips with the grain of the material. Then weave the strips across the loom, wrapping 2 pins at a time and with one peg empty in between. Use the same color of fabric until you are ready for the stripe, then switch colors

If you use the 10″ Knitting Board, 10″ loom extenders you can make a rug by creating squares. This rug was made with 12 squares.