Plaid Rug from T-shirts

Designed by Lindsay Obermeyer



Size:  Rug 14″ x 22.5″ Each panel 7″ x 22.5″

Loom: All-n-One Loom or 28″ Loom, plus a set of loom extenders.

T-Shirts: 1 orange, yellow, peach, green and white t-shirts and 2 grey t-shirts with minimal text or graphics.

Notions: scissors, size J crochet hook, ruler, crochet cotton, such as Sugar and Cream in a color to match the t-shirts, Tapestry needle, ball headed pins


Panel one: Orange Plaid

Set up: make t-shirt loopies


Fold the t-shirt in half , lining up the sleeves. Smooth out the wrinkles with your hand. Cut off the bottom band.   Measure and cut a 2” wide strip across the shirt through both layers. Trim off the seam ends. With the fabric still folded in half, cut a slit straight up the center until about a ¼ inch from the end. You now have 2 strips with slits up them. Round off the corners. Take one strip and pull it taught while holding onto each end. The strip will stretch, the edges will curl in and you now have a warp loopie.

Make 2 green warp loopies, 9 yellow and 9 orange warp loopies for a total of 20.

To make the weft loopies , Cut 8” x 2” strips of the t-shirt. (Use every scrap of the t-shirt, including sleeves). Fold each strip in half, cut a slit up the center and round off the edges.

Make 22 peach, 17 orange, 15 yellow weft loopies.



Warp the loom in the following color order 6 yellow, 1 green, 3 yellow, 3 orange, 1 green, 6 orange.


Weft Color Pattern

Weave in a basic over and under manner the following color sequence:  5 orange, 1 green, 5 yellow 1 green 8 peach 1 green 6 orange, 1 green, 5 yellow, 8 peach, 1 green, 7 orange, 1 green, 5 yellow, 1 green, 7 peach.

Finishing / Binding off the fabric from the loom

When you finish weaving in the last strip, crochet bind off the fabric off of the loom. Use a J hook and lift the first loop on the top of the warp onto your hook, proceed and add the loop next to it. Then lift the first loop up and over the second loop, proceed to the third loop and place it on your hook, then take the 2nd loop and lift it up and over the third loop, you will continue in this fashion all the way around the loom, until only one loop remains on your hook. You will pull this loop and weave it into the structure of your weave using either your hook or a tapestry needle.






Seam your 2 pieces together with yarn and tapestry needle.

6 thoughts on “Plaid Rug from T-shirts

  1. With the fabric still folded in half, cut a slit straight up the center until about a ¼ inch from the end. You now have 2 strips with slits up them—Do you have pics of this step? It’s a little confusing to me. =)

  2. Thus reminds me of making potholders for my Mom @ the playground in summer. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  3. Hi Dana, Sorry we do not have pics of this step. I will send your question to the designer for you. Thanks.

  4. Just a note for folks, was in Hobby Lobby the other day and notice they have T-shirt knit on a cone in different colors already cut. If anyone is interested.

  5. Would it be possible to make this using the sashay yarn instead of the recommended yarn? I have some left over with no use and don’t want to make scarves and its just sitting in my yarn bucket staring at me saying “when will I get used”

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