We’re learning all the time.

We’ve been working on a few big projects over the course of time and one of the biggest things I feel that really affects that is feedback. Our site is so new and fresh that I wonder what everyone is feeling about it. We want to keep adding new stuff, but not sure if we are on the right track. Is it too plain? Not plain enough? We know what we think but you, our viewers, might have something different in mind.

What do you think?

My yard is also a big project that I’m currently working on as I’ve been wanting to overhaul this garden for a while. I’ve digging, hauling rock, seeding, and putting in some 6’x6′ timbers. Just like my website a lot of work has been done as I love to dig in the dirt and plant stuff. Now I am not so sure I am on the right track. I want to add new stuff, go look at a Raise coupon for some deals on plants and bulbs, but all I can think about are Hostas. Surely there are some ideas for shady gardens other than Hostas. Should I try growing food as well?

What would you plant?


So… did you know that you can make comments on each entry we post? Just see the ‘comments’ box below the entry for the opportunity to speak your mind. I would love to hear your opinions for the two things I have talked about above… not to mention knitting!

We would LOVE to hear from some other knitters. This is the time to REALLY say ‘what you think’ about the crafts and knitting entries we post on the site. How often do you get to say exactly what you have on your mind about your craft?

Well, I have lots on my mind—I just finished developing the pattern for the Great Goncho Sweater. So check it out, click the image to go to our sweater range. Don’t forget to tell us what you think.

gonchojpg.jpg gonchoclose.jpg

We’re always learning, and one way to learn best is with some feedback. Speaking of which I re-wrote the Newbury sweater to be easier to follow as it was apparently confusing before. It would be great for some volunteers to test them out for us and say how they got on.

The next new items for patterns will be a button front vest, some great home decor items, and some men’s stuff. What else? Oh! The wooly jacket is in the works also.

So that’s about it, can’t wait to hear what you all think!

6 thoughts on “We’re learning all the time.

  1. The sweater is beautiful!!! I haven’t made anything on my board yet, as the gauge seems a little loose even when I wrap fairly tightly using worsted weight yarn. I’m going to try and take out the spacer and just use washers and see if that will help.

  2. Having lately become a fond fan of fresh, organic vegetables, I’d plant an edible garden!

    It will cost the same as planting flowers, but the wonderful benefit – fresh, organic, delicious herbs, veggies, and perhaps fruits – is IMHO many times more beneficial than any other use for the garden.

    Good luck, and love your website!

  3. Try clematis, epimediums, heucheura, astillbe, oxalis, arum, solomon seal, jack-in-the-pulpit, columbine, bleeding heart…there are so many variations of hosta try this website: plantdelights.com…I volunteer there and they specialize in hostas.

    annuals = impatiens

    Enough?…not sure of my spelling…

  4. Hi!

    I had a sneak preview of a knitting board last year and was really taken with the idea as it looked so easy (or at least a lot easier than knitting – I can crochet!).

    Am really excited about the prospect of being able to make menswear (being a bloke and all that!).

    Haven’t yet got round to buying a board but will definately be interested to see what you come up with in the mens range – it may just be the incentive to dig out the credit card and get knotted – I mean knitting! lol.

    John (United Kingdom).

  5. Hi I’m new into knitting but I love the sweter were can I get instruction of how to do it?

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