Spring Mountain Shawl

Designed by Bethany A Dailey


With the first seasonal turns of winter into spring, warming winds wrap themselves around mountain peaks, sending waters of thawing snow caps cascading downwards into the welcoming valleys below. The craggy rocks beneath the crests begin to peek out through the ice and snow, bringing with them the hope of wildflowers and new life after the season of cold.  This asymmetrical shawl embodies this feeling of winter giving way to spring…a little bit blanketed, a little bit revealed, just like those thawing mountain peaks.

Knitting Loom: Zippy Loom, 20 pegs used.

Yarn: Approximately 465 yards of bulky weight yarn, two strands held as one. Sample used Charisma Tweed (5 skeins in the color Gray) 93 yds/85 m.

Notions: knitting tool, 6mm crochet hook (for cast on and help with possible missed stitches, etc), stitch markers, scissors, knitting pins, yarn needle, row counter, one or two large decorative buttons.

Gauge: Approx 3 sts x 1.75 rows= 4 inches (in Figure Eight Stitch) **Note: This is a very stretchy stitch, so all measurements are approximate.

Finished Measurements: Width from neck to elbow: 15″, Length before seaming: 74″, Length at longest point while worn: 36″  (The size of this shawl can easily be adjusted by changing the number of pegs used and rows knitted.)

Skills Needed: E-wrap, Figure Eight Stitch, Chain CO (or CO of your choice), Basic BO, seaming method of choice.

CO: cast on
EW: E-wrap stitch
KO: knit off
WY: working yarn
BO: bind off

Pattern Notes:
This pattern uses 2 strands of yarn held throughout.

*Create the Figure Eight Stitch (in single knitting):

  • —To begin, wrap around the outside of peg 1, then around peg 2 as if to EW. Your WY will travel in a sort of figure 8 motion, hence the name of the stitch. KO these 2 pegs.
  • —Carrying the yarn behind peg 2, wrap around peg 3 as if to EW, then back around peg 2. KO these 2 pegs.
  • —Carrying the yarn behind peg 3, wrap around peg 4 as if to EW, then back around peg 3.  KO these 2 pegs.
  • —Continue in this manner to the end of the row.

See tutorial video for more details:


Set loom to work in a flat panel using 20 pegs.  CO onto all 20 pegs. (Sample used Chain CO)

Rows 1-52:  Work Figure Eight Stitch on all 20 pegs.

**Note: Due to the loose nature of this stitch, when adding a new skein, tie the end of the WY and the beginning of the new skein securely into a square knot.  Thread one of the tails onto a yarn needle and work into the strands of the WY at one side of the knot, parting the plies in the yarn to help the end remain secure.  Repeat for the 2nd tail. 

Loosely BBO all 20 pegs.


Being careful not to pull too tightly which will cause puckering, neatly stitch the inside edges of the panel together, starting at the bottom edges, for approximately 21″ (sample uses the mattress stitch). Stitch the button(s) in place as desired onto the back side of the remaining opening.

Weave in all ends and block lightly as desired.

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Figure Eight Stitch on Zippy

13 thoughts on “Spring Mountain Shawl

  1. Hi thanks so much for this pattern, it’s beautiful and it is just the type of shawl that I love. I looked everywhere for a airy type of Shawl pattern a beginner can do and this is perfect. I also wanted to tell Gin that if you check out YouTube you can find verbal institutions to the figure 8 stitch. 🙂

  2. Thank you Bethany I can not ain’t to get started I am a beginner and hope I will be able to make this beautiful shawl Again thanks a million

  3. You are so welcome, Gin…any time! 🙂 I believe that you will have great success with this one, as it is really just the same stitch repeated throughout…perfect for a beginner loomer. Enjoy!

  4. I have another dumb question Sorry about this but is this worked on 5 zippys without any corner piece. I don’t know the video shows the corners and I am new to this looming

  5. Beautiful pattern intro, Bethany! The shawl is lovely, too – and Emily is just as pretty as can be 🙂

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