Mila’s Zippy Cowl

Creating last minute gift with the Zippy loom is a breeze!

LOOM:  Zippy Master Set Option: 4 Zippy and connectors. 4 Zippy and (4) corners.

YARN:  Approx 80 yds of Jumbo (size 7) acrylic yarn.  Lion Brand Color Clouds in Travelers Tan was used in sample.

NOTIONS:  Knitting tool, tapestry needle.

GAUGE: 4.25sts x 6 rows = 4 inches.

SIZE:  11” wide x 18” long.


  • Approx=approximately
  • k=knit stitch
  • p=purl stitch
  • CO=Cast on
  • BO=Bind off
  • st(s)=stitch(es)


Set Zippy loom to work in the round (4) Zippy and (4) Corners.

CO 16 sts, prepare to work a flat panel.

Rnd 1-Rnd 7: k to end of row.

Rnd 8: p to the end of row. 

Rnd 9: k to end of row. 

Rep Row 8-Row 9: 4 times. 

Rep Rows 1-9: 2 more times. 

Next: Bind off with basic removal method, leaving a 16 inch yarn tail.

Mattress stitch the cast on edge to bind off edge. Weave ends in. Block lightly.