Woodlands Throw (Double Knit)

Blanket_WoodlandsDesign by Jacque Darragh

See beautiful soft stripes emerge from the one yarn. Stitch pattern creates lots of texture.

Loom:  28” Knitting Board + peg extenders for double knit set at 2cm spacing.

Yarn:  Lion Brand Scarfie, 4 skeins.  Cream/Taupe. 312 yds. per skein.  Bulky weight. Hand wash and dry flat.

Stitches:  Rib, Stockinette, and Honeycomb pattern

Finished Sizes:  34 x 44 inches

Notions Needed:  Knit hook and crochet hook

Gauge:  2 sts X 3 rows=1 inch






Cast on 64 stitches in Stockinette. Lay anchor yarn of any color, as it will be removed. Change to Rib stitch.

Work (6) rows in Rib stitch.

The Honeycomb Pattern is formed when you use 2 different weave patterns, each for 2 rows, and then keep alternating for the length of the throw.


Row 1: Wrap pegs 1 top -4 bottom, and up to 2top-6 bottom and continue wrapping every other peg at this angle. When you get to the end of the stitches, return by wrapping all pegs skipped. This will result in consistent wraps at end of loom. Hook over.

Row 2: Repeat Row 1.

Row 3: Wrap pegs 1 top-3 bottom, to 2 top-5 bottom,  then, 4 top-7 bottom, and continue for every other peg. Hook over.

Row 4: Repeat Row 3.

Repeat the Honey Comb Sequence until the throw measures approximately 42” or until you have completed a desired, and matching sequence in the variegated yarn.

Work 6 more rows of Rib stitch.

Work one row in Stockinette stitch. Bind off loosely. Bind off at anchor yarn loosely. Gently pull out the anchor yarn. Weave in yarn tails.

6 thoughts on “Woodlands Throw (Double Knit)

  1. Beautiful! Two questions, what is the spacing between rows and is there a graphic of the peg wrap?

  2. Hi Melissa, the boards are at mid spacing or 2cm apart. You can look at the pictorial instructions on knitting board website. If you go to the Criss cross stitch under Double Knit, the weaving is the same, but this design works 2 rows of each stitch pattern. So the whole Honeycomb pattern is a total of 4 rows.

  3. I am working on this now. However I am puzzled how would you get 34×44” throw with the 28” loom? My max width seems to be 25” off the loom.
    To have a decent size throw I will have to add a border.
    If using the 38” loom then I can see those measurements. But this pattern is written for 28” loom.
    The honeycomb pattern is coming out beautifully.

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