New Pattern Contest – Deadline Dec. 1.

We are having a Holiday Pattern Contest Extravaganza! This is not only a contest for pattern writers but anyone who has a creative spirit. Create a gift and at the same time you can enter the event and win for some fun prizes. Deadline Dec. 1st.

We are doing something different this year. We are expanding our categories.  6 entries will be chosen leading the 6 categories of competition.

The 6 categories are:

  1. Best Original Design
  2. Cutest Baby Item
  3. Multicolor Design using at least 3 colors
  4. Men’s accessory
  5. Sweater
  6. Pet attire.

The winner will receive $50 plus $40 in merchandise. Even if you are just a beginner we  hope you will get involved and submit your original ideas – the more entries the more fun!

Deadine is Dec 1st. so get started and let your creativity run wild.


4 thoughts on “New Pattern Contest – Deadline Dec. 1.

  1. So entries on the 1st are ok? I’m going to be down to the deadline on this one. I’ve started three different things for this that weren’t working out. Do we email them to you? What address?


  2. Dear Pat and Kim,
    I am a dear fan of the KnittingBoard and had a beautiful double knit scarf going for my husband, but was having too much trouble seeing the dark yarn on the dark finish of the knitting board… oh, well. Anyway, I have noticed that as I am getting older, my eyesight is not what it used to be and I purchased an Ott Light to help me in my work. It does help. I know not everyone can afford these lights. Thus, I am sending an idea about possibly changing the wood color to a neutral or even a lighter color. This is just an idea to ponder. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Many blessings to you both!
    Mrs. Jolene Torgler

  3. I didn’t get to make anything for the contest this year but I hope to next year! Just got my boards this year. Thanks for even having such a thing. Look for me next tiime! 🙂

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