Fun time at Lion Brand Studio


October 14th we visited the Lion Brand Studio in New York City to present  the Knitting Board and show what it can create. It was lots of fun !! So many customers came in with the impression that you can only make potholders and simple scarves on Knitting Boards. We showed them all kinds of stitches and brought 2 giant suitcases of knitwear. They were really surprised about all that you can create.



Criss Cross

Stitch…..a favorite stitch with so much texture!      lionbrand7



4 thoughts on “Fun time at Lion Brand Studio

  1. Makes me wish I lived in New York. I’d love to attend something like this. Is there any chance you could sell a DVD showing how to make the lovely coat featured in this post? Please, please please?


  2. Hi I saw this coat in the knitting board basics book I bought and would love this pattern don’t care how much it cost please can I have this pattern places please please

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