Angel Square (double knit)

Christmas Angel w/ Trumpet


Loom Knitting Advent, day 21, brings you a lovely double knit square with an intarsia motif.

Designed by Pat Novak

Day 21

Loom:  All-n-One Loom set up for double knit with 1 cm spacing.

Yarn:  Paton’s Classic Wool, 100% wool, 120 yds per skein.  Hand wash and lay flat to dry.  Colors used are white (W) and Gold (G).  Background is Natural, or Blue in Lions Brand Alpine Wool in BayLeaf.  Both yarns are 100% wool #5 with great color assortments.  Dark Spruce green also works well.  This will be noted as (B) yarn in pattern for ‘background’.  One skein of (B) and 1/2 skein of (W), and small amount of (G).

Stitch:  Stockinette

Notions Needed:  Knit hook, crochet hook, scissors, large tapestry needle

Size:  10 X 10 inches blocked

Gauge:  4 sts and 5 rows=1 inch  Abbreviations:  R=right, L=left, yds=yards

You may want to add a piece of painters tape on the board near you and note the number of each peg.  This will really make it easier than counting pegs each row.  Also, the graph is explained in the following instructions working from left to right.  You may want to re-number your graph on paper,  so print it out before you begin.


Cast On 30 stitches in Stockinette, (B) yarn.

Rows 1-3:  Work in stockinette stitch.

Row 4:  Tie on (W) yarn at peg #16.  Work pegs # 16-20 in stockinette.  Lay yarn down.  Go back to start of row and weave in stockinette on all pegs with (B), skipping the pegs with (W) yarn.  Hook over all.

Rows 5-24:  All these rows will be a combination of the (B) and the (W) yarn worked in stockinette.  Work the (W) first on designated pegs.  Then cover the rest of the pegs with the (B) yarn.  Hook over.

The pegs to be wrapped with (W), by row, are as follows.

Row 5:  Pegs 15-24

Row 6:  Pegs 14-23

Row 7:  Pegs 14-23

Row 8:  Pegs 13-22

Row 9:  Pegs 13-21

Row 10:  Pegs 13-21

Row 11:  Pegs 13-20

Row 12:  Pegs 13-19, and peg 22

Row 13:  Pegs 13-18, and pegs 22-23

Row 14:  Pegs 13-18, and pegs 21-23

Row 15:  Pegs 14-18, and pegs 21-24

Row 16:  Pegs 14-17, and pegs 21-24

Row 17:  Pegs 15-17, and pegs 22-25

Row 18:  Peg 11, and pegs 15-17, and pegs 22-25

Row 19:  Pegs 11-12, and pegs 15-16, and 22-25

Row 20:  Pegs 10-16, and pegs 22-25

Row 21:  Pegs 9-16, and pegs 19-25

Row 22:  Pegs 8-11, and pegs 13-16, and pegs 18-24

Row 23:  Pegs 8-10, and pegs 14-24

Row 24:  Pegs 8-10, and pegs 15-23

Row 25:  Tie on (G) yarn at peg #5 and wrap pegs 5 and 6, front to back.  Lay down yarn.

Wrap in stockinette with (W) yarn, peg 9, and 14-15, and pegs 18-23.  Complete row with (B) yarn.

Row 26:  Pegs 4-12 with (G) yarn, front to back.  Pick up (W) yarn and work in stockinette on pegs 13-15, and pegs 18-23.  Complete row with (B) yarn.

Row 27:  Pegs 5-6, and peg 28 with (G), peg 9, and pegs 13-16, and pegs 19-23 with (W) yarn.  Complete row with (B) yarn.

Row 28:  Pegs 28-29 with (G) yarn.  Pegs 12-16, and pegs 21-22 with (W) yarn.  Complete row with (B) yarn.

Row 29:  Peg 28 with (G) yarn.  Pegs 12-16 with (W) yarn.  Complete row with (B) yarn.

Row 30:  Pegs 12-16 with (W) yarweaveangeln.

Row 31:  Pegs 13-15 with (W) yarn.

Row 32-40:  These rows will be (B) yarn except for a series of (G) stars.  Each star consists of 4 stitches each, one stitch, and 3 stitches in next row, and then last stitch in next row.  See graph.  You can add as many of these stars in (G) yarn as desired.  The Christmas Angel will love lots of bright stars.


Bind off after row 40 is complete with the 2-loop method.  Finish the anchor yarn edge the same and remove the anchor yarn.

Lightly mist and block the square.  It can be added to your other squares or used alone.