Christmas Stocking Square (double knit)


Loom Knitting Advent, Day 9, brings you another lovely double knit square! Add this beautiful intarsia design to any of your double knits!

Designed by Pat Novak

Day 9

Loom:  All-n-One Loom, set up for double knit with 1cm spacing

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Roving #5, 100% wool, hand wash and dry flat.  Natural background 1 skein, Dark Green ½ skein, Cherry red ½ skein, Aran white ½ skein, Lion Brand Homespun Holiday Green 5 yds for stripes.

N=natural, S=Spruce green, R=Red, G=green holiday, W=white.

Stitches: Stockinette and back- to- back wrap (similar to Figure 8, but not twisted), covering both front and back pegs of one stitch, working straight across from top peg to lower. Used when a design is only a single stitch or a few stitches. See photo at end of pattern.

Notions: Knit hook, Crochet hook #4 or 5, scissors, tapestry needle

Size: 10 X 10 inches completed

Gauge: 4 sts and 5 rows=1 inch

Abbreviations: R=right, L=left, b/b =back to back wrap


Pattern Notes:

1.Always start the square at the bottom of the graph, working from L to R. Focus only on that row, until completed.  Be sure to work the graph from Left to Right.

2.Be sure to start each row with the loom facing you. The cast on yarn tail will be on the left side. Check this before starting a new row, so the design will be correctly applied.

3.When following the graph on paper, be sure to line-out each row once it is complete as you work up the graph. You may also want to fold the printed graph over after each row, so that you are always looking at the current row. Re mark the peg numbers.

4.Try to use one continuous stockinette weave on any color that has several rows, or more than just a few stitches. Then use the b/b wrap on pegs of just a few stitches.

5.If you carry the main background color throughout the square, it will connect the colors next to it. If you choose to cut separate yarns for each color used, you will need to twist the 2 yarns together at each joint, or cut and tie the colors together. Example of this is the holly berries on cuff of stocking.

6.If you have just a few stitches of a color, best to cut a piece of the yarn, tie it into the row when needed. Leave it attached until all the stitches are complete for that color, even when it consists of several rows, then you can tie it to adjoining yarn and knot.

Once the square is complete, it is recommended to mist with warm water and block. Allow wool to dry completely before using it in your project.


Cast on 30 stitches in natural color (N) in Stockinette stitch.

Rows 1-5: Work in stockinette.

Row 6: For toe and heel areas, cut 2 strands, each 3’ long in (S) color. Tie on one yarn at peg 9, and one at peg 20, between the boards. Tie on the (R) yarn at peg 12.

Work the (S) and (R) stitches in stockinette, twisting them together at the joints. Lay these yarns down. Work the (N) yarn across the stitches in stockinette stitch, starting at peg 1, skip over the (R) and (S) and continue to end of row. Hook bottom loop over on all pegs.

Row 7: Looking at the graph, you see that the (S) sts start 2 pegs before the ones on row 6. Take the (S) and wrap pegs 7, 8, 9 and 10, twist with (R), wrap next 9 pegs with (R), twist, wrap next 4 pegs with the 2nd (S) yarn. Work in stockinette with (N) yarn starting at peg 1 and work over the (S) and (R) yarns to complete the row. Hook over all stitches.

Rows 8-11: Follow the graph working with the (N), (S), and (R) yarns.

Row 12: Cut the 2 (S) yarns leaving about 3” tails. This row is just (N) and (R) yarns. Work the pegs with the (R), and when you get to the (S) yarn tails, tie them on to the (R) to secure. Lay the tails on the knitting with 1” tails. Work the (N) yarn over the entire row in stockinette stitch. Hook over all stitches.

Rows 13-14: Follow graph with (N) and (R) yarns. Do not cut the (R) yarn.

Row 15: On peg 15, tie on the (G) holiday yarn. Work 8 stitches in (G) with b/b knit. Cut and knot. Work the (N) yarn over entire row in stockinette. Hook over.

Rows 16-17: Work the graph with (R) and (N) yarn.

Row 18: On peg 13, tie on (G) yarn and work for 9 sts in b/b knit. Finish the row with (N) yarn in stockinette.

Rows 19-21: Work with (R) and (N) yarn in stockinette.

Row 22: With (G) yarn, work in b/b knit for 11 stitches. Cut and knot. Complete the row with (N) yarn in Stockinette.

Rows 23-24: Work the graph with (R) and (N) yarns.

Row 25: Tie on (S) yarn and work in stockinette for 11 stitches. Complete row with (N) yarn in stockinette.

Row 26: Work with (R) and (N) yarns. Cut and knot the (R) yarn with 1” tail.

Row 27: Work the graph with (S) and (N) yarns. Cut and knot the (S) yarn.

Row 28: Tie on the (W) yarn at 11th peg for the top of stocking. Work in stockinette for 15 stitches. Complete the row with (N) yarn in stockinette.

Cut 2 pieces of (S) yarn about 3’ long. Cut 2 pieces of (R) yarn about 2’ long.

Row 29: Tie on one (S) yarn at peg 23. Double wrap this peg with (S) in b/b weave. Start the (W) yarn at peg 9 and work in stockinette for 17 stitches, skipping peg 23 where you have placed the (S) yarn. Complete the row with (N) yarn in stockinette.

Row 30: Tie in the (S) (2nd piece) on peg 13 and double wrap this peg in b/b weave. Tie on one piece of (R) yarn on peg 23 and double wrap. Double wrap peg 22 and 24 with the (S) yarn in b/b weave. Pick up the (W) yarn and work the pegs skipping over the (R) and (S) stitches in stockinette. Complete the row with (N) yarn in stockinette.

Row 31: Tie on the 2nd (R) yarn at peg 13 and double wrap. Wrap all pegs with the (R) and (S) yarn per the graph. Complete the row with (W) yarn and then (N) yarn in stockinette.

Row 32: Work the (R) and (S) yarn on pegs for this row. After last (R) stitch, cut and tie the (R) yarn as it is done. Complete row.

Rows 33-36: Follow the graph to complete the (R) and (S) designs. Cut and knot the yarns. Complete the rows with (W) yarn and (N) yarn in stockinette.

Row 37-40: Work all 30 stitches in (N) yarn in stockinette stitch.

Bind off with 2- loop method.

Bind off at anchor yarn and gently remove the anchor yarn. Weave in any yarn tails.

Lightly block the square and it’s ready to be a beautiful holiday accent, scarf, or afghan. You can mix it with other Holiday designs or with solid color ones.

BACK TO BACK WEAVE: Demonstrated with the white yarn. Red yarn is worked in stockinette.






christmas stocking(graph2)



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