Join us in New York at Lion Brand Studio!


We are going to be at the Lion Brand Studio Store October 14th and 15th. Come and Join us!

On October 14th we are presenting the Knitting Board and the Sock Loom with lots of photos and samples to show how the looms work and what they can create. It should be lots of fun. It includes a book signing and raffle. FREE. If you are interested in coming please RSVP at the Studio Store.

CLASS: On October 15 we will be having a class, teaching Knitting Board basics and working on the Beagle Bag. Limited spaces are left for the class. $55 If interested in attending please call the Lion Brand Studio.

One thought on “Join us in New York at Lion Brand Studio!

  1. Pat,
    Lion Brand Studio store. How exciting!! Wish I could join you, a little far for me. Good luck and have a really great time. I just know it will be great.


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