Twilight Lace Scarf

Dress up any top with a touch of elegance. Knit quick on the Zippy Loom.


Knitting Loom: (3) Zippy Looms, 12 pegs with 2 connectors

Yarn: Red Heart Twilight Yarn, Bright Blue, 2 Skeins

Stitches: Ewrap, and Purl

Size: 9” x 40”



Cast on 12 stitches with chain stitch cast on.

Row 1- 5: Ewrap all pegs

Row 6 – 10: Purl all pegs.

Repeat these 10 rows until 12” of yarn remains or desired length.

Bind off stitches with basic bind off method. Weave ends in.


Your scarf is complete!




One thought on “Twilight Lace Scarf

  1. I am a true newbie to looming! I have the long purple and round looms from knifty knitter. Can any of these looms be used? If so which colored one? Thanks so much!

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