Knitting Board Basics Book

Hi  Everyone,
We are really excited to share our latest creative effort….  It is our new Knitting Board Basics book scheduled to be released in July, 2010.  It is being published by St Martins Press and will be available on our website, and is currently ready for pre-sales thru


This has been our ongoing project for the past 2 years and now, it is finally nearing completion.  We are in the final editing stage and once it goes to press, we will be sharing it with you.
The book itself contains our cumulative knowledge of using the Knitting Board with over 30 patterns, from really simple to more advanced.  Our goal in writing the book was to create a tool that was basically A-Z on using the Knitting Board so that all loom knitters could refer back to it as a reference on stitches and sewing techniques.
We want to thank all of you for your support of our products and making the creation of our new book possible.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions as we move forward planning the next edition.
Thank you all!
Kim and Pat Novak

4 thoughts on “Knitting Board Basics Book

  1. I am so excited about your book, have been on Amazon’s pre-order list for a few months. It will be so helpful to have information in one place. Thank you for all your work with this project.

  2. I have always lurked on your website. I have long wanted to purchase you 28″ kb, but now you have a sock kb too and that is very exciting. I love to knit socks. I look foward to purchasing your book as well as the looms, but most of all the dvds.

  3. I would love to have this book but the cost of shipping is just outrageous! I’m totally bummed because this has been on my list of wishes for a long time.

  4. I have the book, can anyone help me with the Mystic Shawl pattern? the front panels seem to have some instructions missing. They come up too short, and from the picture it looks like there are about 30-40 rows missing of the instructions!

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