Dakota Zippy Scarf

A basic change of stitch pattern on Zippy creates a fun, quick scarf, 52″ long


Loom: 2 Zippys and one connector for a total of 8 stitches

Yarn: Sample uses Red Heart Grande, 1 skein, Oatmeal, 5.5” wide scarf.

Or for a thinner scarf, use Isaac Mizrahi, 1 skein, 5” wide scarf.

Stitches used: Purl and Ewrap

Yarn Option: Knit with Isaac Mizrahi Yarn


Cast on 8 stitches with crochet cast on method for a tight edge.

Row 1- 4: purl to end of row for beginning of scarf.

*Next 6 rows: ewrap to end of row.

Next 6 rows: purl to end row*

Repeat the 12 * rows by alternating the ewap rows and the purl rows. End with 6 ewrap rows, leaving about 5 yards to complete.

Last 4 rows: purl to end of row.

Bind off stitches with basic bind off method. Weave ends in.


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