the Tadpole-the baby. Newest member of knitting boards.

Our newest member of the knitting board family is only 6″ long and 1.5″ wide.  It’s fine gauge which means the intarsia designs really come out looking great!  The spacing between the pins is 5/16″ like the small gauge boards, but the 2 rows of pins are only 1″ apart.  It’s so much fun to work with because you don’t even need to put it down-just turn your hand around to hook over the 2 sides.  Portable??  Oh, yes, it can fit into your smaller handbags, and go with you everywhere.  Fun projects?  It comes with 7 easy projects just to get you going and more are coming to the free library every week.  So, if you’re looking for a great gift for yourself, or maybe thinking ahead for the holidays, check out this cute little package.

It comes with a new! knit hook and pattern booklet with illustrated instructions and the 7 starter projects.  Lots of Fun!

14 thoughts on “the Tadpole-the baby. Newest member of knitting boards.

  1. I got mine this week. This is a very cute little knitting board. Gotta start playing with it.
    The pattern book that comes with it is very nice too!
    Looking forward more fun patterns!


  2. This is my first knitting board and I love it! However, I am having trouble understanding the instructions for Benny Bear. Need more pictures!


  3. Hi, I know this is a late response, but are you still having problems? If so, please let me know and I will work with you. Maybe a faster resolve would be on the discussion group under patterns. I check that daily. thanks, Pat

  4. This is my first knitting board too. I find the directions frustrating and uninformative. I’m understanding more from the website, but it does not have a pattern for the bear, which is absolutely impossible to understand from the book.

  5. Hi, you are the second person to say that the Bear project is not clear in the instructions. I will go thru it by 12-12-09 and try to make things better. So sorry for the frustration. If you want to email me direct at and let me know if you have specific questions, we can work together with it. I knit him and wrote the pattern and would very much appreciate knowing how to make it better. thanks, Pat

  6. I’ve had my tadpole for about 2 weeks now and I so love it! there are no wing nuts or any other metal pieces to get caught in your knitting and it knits so nice and tight,this is probably my favorite one and the one I’ll be taking on the plane with me in the summer.

  7. One more thing… this little knitting board is so great,the tight knit and no metal pieces other than the needles, could there possibly be more of its kind in bigger sizes? not that I need more knitting boards, I have 3, but if there were… yeah I’d probably cave and buy some more! 🙂

  8. Couple weeks ago I bought the cute little Tadpole kniting board to learn on and carry when traveling. I’ve made 1 scarf and working on the 2nd.
    I have since ordered the 18″ knitting board for larger projects.
    I’m really enjoying the experience of working with the Tadpole and know I will enjoy the 18″ knitting board just as much, maybe even more.

  9. Hello,
    I have made scarves with the tadpole knitting board, but would like to make a benny bear. Is there any explanation as to how to fil the bear with the poly-fil, since the stitches are so tight and there is now space how do we do this? Please help, i’m trying to make a benny bear for a close friend who is about to have her baby shower… thank you

  10. Hi. I am trying to make two benny bears for my nieces. I am not sure if I am missing a page (my booklet is a bit beat up) or just not understanding the instructions. After making the main body, are there directions for making the head? I have arms, bottoms of feet, scarf, ears and then the sewing and finishing and filling but nothing about the head. Is the booklet somewhere online or instructions somewhere I could find and read online?

  11. I cannot figure out how to do the head either. Right now I have a headless benny bear. I phoned the company and asked for further instructions but so far have not heard back. This is a shower gift and would prefer NOT to have to start a different project at this point.

  12. I just got the tadpole knitting board a few days ago. I would love to make the benny bear for my god daughters birthday. I’m having a really hard time understanding the directions. I am fairly new to loom knitting and I do better with someone showing me how things work. Is there a video that shows how to make this bear?

    And to those wondering about the head….you just cinch off a section of the main body…just above the arms. 🙂

  13. Hello. I just bought this tadpole kit with the knitting board and I’m having lots if trouble with the Benny Bear also. (I’m only 16) I want to make this for a couple of little ones and an incoming one here soon, but I just don’t understand knitting language. ( Joke(: ) I’m very new to knitting and the knitting board, so I don’t really know what most of the words/sentences actually mean. Hopefully I’ll get to make a dozen Benny Bears before I know it! Can you pretty please put a video tutorial of the whole thing up on here? (Sorry if I’m asking for to much) I just got really excited when I saw this kit and had to get it! Thank you!!!!

  14. Yes I just got the Tadpolpe, I am wanting to make the Benny Bear…I am not understanding the instructions very well, especially when the instructions is telling me to make another loop on the 9th pin I am understanding this as I have to use another skein of yarn….please help me make sense of this…..Thwnk you

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