Zippy simple long scarf (72″ length)

Just got your Zippy? Here’s a fun project to get started. Zippy makes it easy!!



Loom: 1 or 2 Zippys

Yarn: Patons Cobbles (with 1 Zippy need 1 skein , 2 Zippys need 2 skeins)

Size: 1 Zippy – 3.5” x 72” 2 Zippys – 7” x 72”



Cast on 4 stitches on single Zippy (8 stitches on 2 Zippys).

Work in ewrap stitch until scarf reaches 72 inches or desired length.

Bind off stitches with basic bind off method. Weave ends in.

Your scarf is complete!! Wear it proudly. You made it!!


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