Couture Cloche w/video

The luxurious luster from the silk-blend yarn provides this cloche a stunning high quality finish.  The yarn blend also gives this cloche a wonderful, soft, drape. The stitch pattern although looks complicated is very simple to memorize.

Loom: ‘Premium’ Round Loom (small gauge), 80 pegs needed.

Yarn: Approx 140 yds of DK weight silk blend yarn. Sample used Diadem by Knit Picks in jacquard: 50% alpaca, 50% mulberry silk, 219 yards/100 grams. Color: Azurite solid.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Gauge: 20 sts x 24 rows= 4 inches in stockinette (unblocked)

Size: Fits up to a 21” circumference.





YO=Yarn over (ewrap empty peg; on the following row, undo the ewrap and lay the yarn bar in front of the peg).

K2tog=knit two stitches together. Move loop from the peg on the right over to the peg on the left, knit both loops together as one.


Cast on all 80 pegs.

Rnd 1-6: K to the end of rnd.

Rnd 7: P to the end of rnd.

Rnd 8-13: K to the end of rnd.

Rnd 14: Pick up CO edge sts and place them back on the pegs. Each peg has 2 loops on it. k to the end of rnd, treating both loops as one.

Rnd 15: K to the end of rnd.

Rnd 16: *K1, yo, k3; rep from * to end.
Tip: Loom knitters have found that if they YO twice, the yarn has more slack to stretch over the 3 pegs. If you find that one YO is not enough, you may want to try YO twice.

Knit peg 1, Ewrap peg 1. Knit next 3 pegs.

Slide of Row 2 with words

Rnd 17: *Drop yo, extend yo over the next 3 pegs (with yarn in front of the fabric),  yo, k3; rep from * to end.

  1. Undo the ewrap from peg 1. Remove the loop off peg 1. Gently pull on the stitch to elongate it. Place the elongated stitch over the next 3 pegs (pegs 2, 3, 4)
  2. Ewrap empty peg (YO).
  3. Knit the next 3 pegs (push down the elongated stitch, and reach for the loop on the peg to knit it, rep with the other 2 pegs).
  4. **Remove the loop from peg 2 and hold it, grab the elongated stitch (the bar) and place it behind the peg, but in front of the knitted fabric. Place loop back on peg 2. Repeat the process from ** with pegs 3 and peg 4.

slide of row 3 with words

Slide of Row 3 B with words

Rnd 18: K to the end of rnd.

Rep Rnds 15-18: 11 more times (or until desired length)

Next rnd: *k2tog; rep from * to end.

  1. Move the loops from the odd numbered pegs to the even numbered pegs (From peg 1 to peg 2, from peg 3 to peg 4, etc).
  2. Knit the rnd.

Bind off with gather removal method. Weave ends in. Steam block or wet block the lace portion section only (not the brim).

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  1. The adjustable hat loom is made out of plastic. The video was done on another loom for ease in using when taking the video.

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