Whimsical Loom Knits – Bricolage Bracelets

Bricolage Bracelets

‘Bricolagesomething constructed or created from a diverse range of available things.’ 

Gather a variety of colorful beads, cotton thread, and a few toggle clasp sets; then have a marvelous time creating an assortment of beautiful, unique bracelets.

Bricolages Collage (1024x1024)


Knitting Loom:  Sock Loom EFG

Yarn:  Approximately 6.5 yards of a size 10 thread weight cotton yarn.  Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread was used in the samples.

Beads:  at least 160 beads in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Choose beads with an opening that will easily slide onto the cotton thread.  The smallest beads used in the samples were size 6/0.  The largest measure about ½” in diameter.

Notions:  Knitting tool, scissors, needle, a toggle/clasp set for each bracelet, superglue.

Finished Size:  Finished bracelet measures about 6” (including toggle and clasp)

(If a longer bracelet is desired, increase the length of the cotton thread and string additional beads.  Every other row has 5 beads in it, so string additional beads in a multiple of 5.)

Gauge:  2 pattern repeats (4 rows) = approximately ¼” in length.

Special Techniques:

Placing Beads:  To place a bead, slide the bead along the working yarn until it reaches the pegs.  For this project, the beads will always be placed behind the pegs, between the peg most recently worked and the next peg to be worked. 

IMG_2963 (800x568)

Once the bead is in place, bring the working yarn around to the front of the next peg to be worked and complete the stitch, locking the bead in place.

IMG_2964 (800x584)

Larger beads are added in the same manner as smaller beads.  There will be a little extra thread used when adding larger beads.  This is accounted for in the amount listed in the materials.  The larger beads also take up a bit more space, but they do fit and the added variety makes the bracelet more interesting.

IMG_2966 (800x594)

Note:  This project is a little bit unique because the right side of the bracelet will actually be facing the inside of the loom, rather than facing toward the knitter.  Here is a view looking into the center of the loom at a bracelet in progress:

IMG_2965 (800x600)



Take one end of the cotton thread and dip about 1” of it into the glue, then allow it to dry.  Using the stiffened end, string 160 beads onto the cotton thread.

IMG_2962 (800x318)

Leaving a 5” tail, cast on 6 stitches using the double e-wrap method.


Row 1:  P6.

Row 2:  K1, [place bead, K1] 5 times.

Row 3:  P6.


Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until all the beads have been placed.  Bind off using the basic bind off method.  Leave a 5” tail when cutting the thread after bind off.


Thread the needle with one of the thread ends.  Whip stitch along the end of the bracelet, until the thread is at the center of the end.  Sew through the connecting loop of the toggle, then sew through the end of the bracelet.  Sew through the connecting loop again and into the end of the bracelet again.  Sew through once more, then continue to whip stitch along the end of the bracelet.  Weave the thread end in on the back of the bead work.  Repeat this process to sew the clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

IMG_2967 (800x758)


Now gather up a new selection of beads and knit a second beautiful bracelet.  And a third.  And a fourth…

Happy Beading!

IMG_2988 (800x538)

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