Drum Roll, please!


As promised, we would like to share photos and stories, and patterns of the beautiful afghans submitted to us for the Afghan Contest.   Judging is hard work!    All entries  are   unique in the skills and original ideas  used.   So, let me share with everyone what we have based our decisions on. We have awarded points to each knitter in the following categories:

  • The look of the Afghan-is it something that everyone would love to knit and own?
  • Were the photos submitted clear and well planned?
  • Were the instructions complete, clear, easy to follow?   Did the knitter share enough to assist each knitter to repeat the design.   In some cases, it may be necessary for a new knitter to learn new techniques.
  • Is the design an original concept and idea of the knitter?
  • Did the knitter take a concept and expand on it to give their afghan that special, unique extra?

We have a total of 7 entries.   They are all winners, so special and unique!

First Place goes to Connie Mauger for her AJ’s Baby Blanket.   Congratulations!


Second Place has resulted in a tie.   Congratulations to: Annette Roa with a beautiful Kitty Afghan for her 4 year old niece, and Ella Roby with a unique design  with vertical stripes called”Stripes Afghan“.

robanne_photo.JPG      photo_lightblue_ella2.jpg

Connie Mauger’s AJ’s Baby Blanket is a  blanket that any little tot would love to curl up in.   Connie has used some wonderful techniques including the double 8 caston, cross over stitches, and beautiful crochet edges.   Her instructions contain lots of diagrams for following the stitch pattern that is repeated in each strip of the Afghan.

Annette Roa knit for her little 4 year old niece.   What child would not love all the adorable little kitties on this beautiful afghan.   It is knit with one repeated design completed 4 times in each of the 3 strips.   Each kitty is unique just by the choice of leftover yarn used.   This entry also has a beautiful crochet edge.

Ella Roby calls her afghan simply “Stripes”. We love this one because of the unique way that the vertical stripes were worked with the weaving of the different colors.   Ella does a great job of explaining the concept  with much detail.   The instructions are very well done!

Great El Paso Afghan was knit by Jacque Darra.   What a wonderful job on all counts.   Jacque uses 2 different stitches to create the warm look of this one along with lots of great fringe.   We also love that it was knit on a 38″ heavy duty board for a nice warm afghan with a lot of texture in just one piece.   The instructions are very easy to follow and this is important for all knitters.

Sue Kreitzer has once again come up with a wonderful afghan in unique  squares- The Fall Christmas Afghan.   What is so very special about Sue’s afghan is the theme that surrounds the whole design.   It represents  Christmas in the pretty red and green colors of the outer strips; Snow with the fleur de lis patterns on the green; and the     center strip  represents the season of Fall with the colors of the fallen leaves.   Thank you, Sue for your offer to donate your afghan to our Christmas donation box.

Ella Roby knit up another great one.   This one is called the Winter Afghan.   It is a pretty combination of stripes with the unique technique of vertical stripes.   Pretty winter colors make it feel very special.   Great job, Ella.

Another beautiful design by Annette Roa  was  a wedding gift with a rose pattern knit right into the afghan.   This one is knit in large squares with some of them showing the pretty rose pattern.

All AFGHAN PATTERNS  will be shown in the “files” catagory of www.groups.yahoo.com/group/knittingboards

Great Job by everyone and thank you all for sharing your afghan photos and ideas with all of us.   May you all have a wonderful Holiday Season.   Stay warm and keep the ideas coming for the new year.

If you are one of the winners please email Kim at kim@knittingboard.com with your address information.  All entries will recieve a one time 30% off discount on Knittingboard.com.  Please email for coupon ID.

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  1. Will the Rose afghan pattern be added to the Yahoo site? All of the entries were beautiful and I can’t wait to try some of them.


  2. Hi Karen,

    The Rose afghan photo is here but Annette didn’t give me instructions. I will try to get the pattern for the rose design from her. It is beautiful!

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