2 thoughts on “All patterns look special–just change the yarn.

  1. I have been a knitter for 30 yrs and I just came across this kind of knitting and I am very impress on how fast you can knit with this. Right now I just started with the basic stitch but I really like the patter on the Baby Hat. I think it’ s call the english stitch . I can wait to have my book of instructions.

  2. Hi Lyse, the pattern on the hat is Rib Stitch. It’s the vareigated yarn that creates the color changes. I have been a knitter for over 40 years and working with the knitting board now for about the last 8 years. I love both methods, but when you want the double knit, you can’t beat the knitting board. Hope its going good for you now. thanks, Pat

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