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How is everyone doing with the boot kit pattern? I know many of you are working on the boots so I would like to give some pointers to make the knitting supper easy especially for the new knitters using the board for the first time.

The pattern begins with the Ribbing stitch. Here is short video that goes over this stitch.



Make photo slide shows at

I put together a brief “How-To add stitches” with photos to explain how to add stitches to each side of your knitting. The pattern requires depending on size,to add 8 or 9 stitches to each side. Take a look at this link, it might be helpful.

Adding Stitches

If you have any other questions on making your boots feel free to ask in ” Comments.” We are here to help.

Good Luck  and enjoy your cozy boots!

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  1. On the rib stitch do you go from the #1 nail to the #3 nail on each row? I think I did my boot in the stockinette stitch instead of the ribbing stitch.I guess I will wait to here from you before I do more. I just received my board on Friday soooo I am really new to this.
    Thanks for your time.


  2. Having problem in Willobee Boot pattern, decrease row 2- shifting loops over center to cover empty needles. This is not very clear. Do you shift from left to right, moving all loops over to cover needles #21, then #14, then #7. When you shift loops, do you shift the 2 decreased loops,too? The movie about the ribbing stitch was very informative.

  3. Sandy,
    Yes, the rib stitch is from pin #1 to pin #3. If you are going from 1 down to 2, that is the stockinett stitch. Hope this helps. Good luck on your boots. Take pictures

  4. Hi, the ribbing stitch is done by weaving from the first top pin down to the 3rd pin on bottom row. Then weave every other pin to the end. When you return, you will see that you again are weaving on 1st pin to 3rd pin. Each end of board will have 2 consecutive pins in order to weave to end and cover all needles. You start this way on every row. After you do some of the inc and dec rows, the ribs will shift and that is part of the plan and design, so don’t try to adjust your ribs.

    As for the decrease and shift-once you do the dec and have the empty needles, you will have 2 loops on some needles. Do the shift either way as long as you bring all the sts together. The pins that have 2 loops, just move both loops over.
    After the next weave on the smaller number of sts, you will lift both loops over on those dec stitches.

  5. Any tips if the boot sizes run small or large? I wear both 8 1/2 and 9 shoe sizes depending on the brand. I want to know which kit to get. Thank you!!

  6. Hi Pat
    Because of the postage costs to UK for the kit, have you any plans to publish just the pattern for the boots. This would also mean I wouldn’t have to buy another kit when knitting more than one pair.

  7. Hi Gwen,

    We are actually working on a DVD for the boots to make the directions super easy. Also we will be adding the soles as a separate purchase soon.
    ….. working on it.

    Oh by the way, QVC UK sells the boot kit with the yarn.


  8. Hello I was wondering is this boot made on a authentic knitting board? If so where can I get the board and pattern to create these boots and also what did you use for the sole? I would like them to be worn outside.

    Thank you for taking time to response to me

    Bella Designs

  9. Hi, I hope you found the answers to your questions on this site. the boots were made on the 28″ small gauge board and the suede soles and instructions come with the boot kits. If you have knit them, how did they turn out for you?

  10. I was thinking about buying this boot kit but wanted to select my own yarn. Do you have any suggestions on what type to buy? I wanted something fairly thick and sturdy.


  11. I bought this kit awhile back and am just making it now. Trying to adjust for not having a knitting board, but instead using a plastic knitting loom. The gauge is a little larger than a knitting board, so for the boot, I’m using the small size, then for the foot I will use medium measures. Also, unsure on the decrease row 2… do you decrease stitches on both the top and bottom rows? From the picture illustrations, it appears so. Any advice would be appreciated.

  12. Would someone out there explain step 4 under Foot of Boot? There are several ways to interpret:

    4. The next (2) rows will be repeated for each size….Increase row…Knit this row. (check)
    Knit (1) regular row in Stockinette stitch. Hook… (check)

    Size medium (me): Continue the (2) above rows 4 more times. (HUH?)

    Does that mean increase, and knit two rows, increase, knit 2 rows, increase knit 2 rows, increase knit two rows? Or does it mean knit two rows 4 times. (why not just say, “knit 8 rows”?

    Or does it mean something different?

    Re; Sydney’s question. I decreased stitches on both top and bottom. I guess your boots will be more of an open stitch? Do you have any idea about step 4. Let me know what you think when you get there! Let me know if you have any more questions too!

  13. Whats Taking place i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively useful and it has aided me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & assist different users like its aided me. Good job.

  14. I bought this kit but didn’t buy the knitting board. How can I knit the pattern using knitting needles?

  15. How do you do “Foot of Boot” #4 I am at a loss on why you cast on new stitches and then do increases. Has any one completed a pair of boots? Was a video ever done?

  16. I’m doing the foot increases in step 4 but it’s leaving big holes In the increase row. I must be doing something wrong?

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