How does it feel to be a grandma?

Pretty super-I have a new granddaughter born on 8-07-08.   She has all her fingers and toes and is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!   So, I have been in Florida for the last 4 days trying hard to ‘peel’ her away from the new mommy and daddy whenever I could.   Her name is Jaedyn Michelle and even tho she was 3 weeks early, she weighed a whopping 7 lb 13oz.   She is dealing with a touch of Jaundice right now, but she is a pretty little lady and doing a great job (mommy and daddy are holding up well also.)   Even her auntie, Kim, was able to be there with us all.   It was a glorious few days.

So now you know why things are a bit sluggish from here.   I do have the Jasper Jacket ready for some size large and X-lge knitters to test for me.   Several of you were waiting for it (delays again), but please email me at and let me know you will have time to test it out.

So, hang in there.   I will post some photos of Jaedyn as soon as I get them downloaded from the camera.   I will also be continuing her new blanket and will share that pattern with you also.

More later, Grandma, Pat